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NVIDIA Tegra X1 breaks the 70,000 points barrier on AnTuTu benchmark

by Joe 12

tegra k1 benchmark

Last year’s NVIDIA Tegra K1 turned out to be a very powerful processor. In fact, in the single core test on GeekBench, the SoC managed a score of over 1900 points, making it the leader.

This year, at CES 2015, the company announced its latest processor, the NVIDIA Tegra X1 which is supposed to be a super powerful eight core beast all set to put SoC’s like Snapdragon 810 to shame. The processor is said to feature eight 64-bit cores along with 256 core GPU, increasing the performance to twice that of last year’s K1.

Now, we have spotted a device powered with this super powerful processor and as expected, the benchmark results are off the charts! According to AnTuTu’s benchmark entry of a device with Tegra X1, it managed to score over 70,000 points. To be specific, it scored 74,977 points! This makes it the first device to actually break the 70,000 points barrier, showing off the actual power of this beast.

The CPU performance score is over 10,000 points and the 3D performance score is over 21,000 points even with 4K resolution support. That’s pretty impressive for a mobile device!

Unfortunately, we still don’t know when we will finally see the Tegra X1 in action. Not many devices used the K1 processor but hopefully, if the SoC’s performance is as good as this entry, then we are all the more excited to see a device with Tegra X1 in action.

So what do you think about this benchmark result? Impressed?

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  • Riggeton

    Why aren’t smarphones using Tegra k1?? too much power consumption, to costly or just simply not compatible with Android? Why is the reason?

    • Riccardo Benzoni

      pretty much useless for a smartphone. Huge consumption and ridiculous battery don’t pair well unfortunately. Adding that you can do almost everything with SoCs that hit less than half of this one on AnTuTu and there you have it.

      • A Popov

        Agree. My Nexus9 gets really hot when playing games.

    • someone

      for your question:
      search the main problem of the HTC one x/HTC one x+ and see the answer.
      after watching movies on highest screen bright you can’t touch the phone, not talking about game + battery life is very poor thanks to the huge power consumption.

    • Abram Carroll

      4.5-5 Watt TDP phone? Not with this chip. They could do a smaller chip with Maxwell though as it has 2 SMM clusters. Nothing announced yet.

  • Tadej

    Actually the firstt that breaks the 70k points in antutu was Apple Ipad Air 2, it has an GX6450 graphics that is incredible capable!

    • KrispyInTO

      The Ipad Air 2 scores around 60-63k not over 70k and the GX6450 doesn’t hold a candle to the X1 GPU. The GX6450 compares with the K1 GPU the X1 is in a different league.

      • Someone

        two different technologies
        Cortex A15 vs A53/A57.

        Can’t even compare – besides the answer of 60k is the real one.

        but if you want to compare….
        Apple copied the tegra k1 and made slight changes to make it better under 9 watts. the results, the best performance chip under A15 architecture and the poorest battery life.

        Can’t compare the new SoC to apple because they haven’t copied (they don’t make tech they copy) this technology yet.

  • mingzi

    Could do much better in benchmarks (and the real world) by improving memory management, bandwidth, graphics backend, and designing a storage format that is aware of the SSD physical media.

    Unless you want to do heavy math crunching on your mobile, CPU is rarely the bottleneck on a flagship these days. Consider for example that all those graphics cores are fighting for slow memory with the OS and CPU.

    For tablets, the biggest limitation is power for the screen backlight. We need sunlight viewable LCD! (What ever happened to Pixel Qi?)

  • Someone


    Tegra X1 works on 9-10 watts
    SnapD works on 4-5 watts

    Tegra X1 not open source

    SnapD open source

    Tegra X1 is overheating (like every Tegra before – too many watts)
    SnapD delayed the announcement to fix the overheating problem – also, LG flex 2 says it’s not overheating

    Tegra X1 – Score: 74,977

    SnapD – Score: 55,500 (about) – not final version

    i think more battery life, more daily use + open source is way better than what Nvidia offers.

    – on CES Nvidia showed live demo (unreal engine) that was laggy – less than 29 fps, sometimes 20 fps (to the eye).
    – Antutu benchmark is not accurate and never reflects how the CPU/GPU (SoC) work on real life.

    Think about it

    • Abram Carroll

      X1 is 4.5-5 watts TDP. You are comparing the peak power of X1 to the to TDP of other chips. Last I heard the SD810 was cooking hot. The X1 can match the ipad air 2’s graphics with 1.5 Watts.

      Nvidia products don’t overheat. OEM’s simply aren’t handling peak power well enough and I’l bet their power delivery is producing too much heat.

      The UE4 demo ran on PS4 last time I saw it.

  • agismaniax

    do we need a battery back-pack to support this device?