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by Frank Tu 4





This job is very specific, so only apply if you meet the below criteria:

– You are passionate about technology, drones, phones, and tablets
– You are technical minded
– You are very creative
– You are excellent at keyword research & SEO and can use YOAST SEO plugin in WordPress
– Your English writing skills are exceptional
– You can write interesting and persuasive and engaging copy
– You put 100% effort and pride into everything you write and you’re only happy when you’ve done your best job and work.

If you match all of the above, please apply!




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  • moji

    how much you lay per word?

  • manuel kyriakakis

    You do need a good English writer and someone that is also very accomplished with the English language. Some of your writers come off as simple street sellers. lol and even if they do know about tech, they simply do not understand the wests way of thinking:( The written word has much power:)

  • Sinden

    Rosgani is the best writer you’ve ever had… where is he?

  • quinyus

    where do I apply?