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Xiaomi Smart Weighing Scale announced for 99 Yuan ($16)

by Joe 1

Just as expected, Xiaomi unveiled a brand new Xiaomi smart weighing scale today. The device had already been leaked yesterday showing off its smooth design and round edges.

Xiaomi smart weighing scale 2

The new Xiaomi smart weighing scale is extremely sensitive. In fact, the company claims that it can measure weight differences up to 100 grams, which is almost the same as a glass of water.

Xiaomi smart weighing scale 4

The overall body is protected by tempered glass panels and the display is embedded into the body. There are 161 LEDs inside the device to show off the weight in pounds as well as kilograms.

Xiaomi smart weighing scale 3

Users can connect the Xiaomi smart weighing scale to a smartphone and can manage the weight of up to 16 people with its app. Once again, the product is quite cheap and will be available for sale from April 8 for 99 Yuan ($16).

Xiaomi smart weighing scaleSo, what do you think about this electronic weighing scale from Xiaomi? Would you consider purchasing it if the company releases it outside of China?


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  • Shanos

    I had recently been strongly considering purchasing the Fitbit Aria scales, I love toys around the house and I figured having scales that allowed tracking of weight loss and gain could give me the motivation I required to push on and get fitter.
    The thing that has held me off from purchasing so far was the £83 price tag (760 Yuan), this is a considerable amount considering non digital scales are around £10 (92 Yuan), if the Xaiomi scales can be purchased internationally or through a China retailer for around £20 including postage (184 Yuan) I would be more than happy to give my money over, just as long as Xiaomi have taken time and worked on decent apps for both Android and IOS.
    Looking forward to a full review some time soon.

    Regards Shanos