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Beautiful OPPO Find 9 leaked in pictures with a dual camera unit

by Joe 5

We know OPPO has been busy working on its successor to the Find 7, but as of late, we have heard very little about the phone. Now, the OPPO Find has finally leaked again in pictures, showing off its unique design.


Although the images are not very clear, we managed to spot a few features of the upcoming device. For example, the first distinctive characteristic of the device is its dual camera setup at the back. It started with HTC and nowadays many companies like Huawei have started using such a setup. So, its not surprising to see such a dual camera unit at the back of Find 9 too.

Another interesting aspect revealed by this picture is the round button at the back. We feel this is the power button just like the one one LG G3. However, given its rather large size, we feel that it could be a fingerprint sensor too.

The front of the OPPO Find 9 is clean, but bezels looks very thin. As a result, the display covers the entire sides of the device. However, you do see top and bottom bezels which are quite thick. The basic design seems to be a continuation of OPPO Find 7.

Although this leak doesn’t reveal the tech specs, earlier leaks have said that the OPPO Find 9 will feature the powerful Snapdragon 810 octa-core processor with 4GB RAM and a 5.5-inch 2K display.

The company is yet to announce an official launch date for the OPPO Find 9, but we hope to see more information soon.

So, what do you think about the Find 9?


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  • Shanos

    Hopefully it wont be the 810 inside 🙁 if big companies like HTC with their huge R&D budgets are throttling it down to keep it cool then I don’t see how OPPO could over come it with what must be smaller R&D departments.
    I love the idea of dual cameras if they can be used for depth of field sensing (I am a photographer and DOF or Bokeh as we call it can really add to images if used correctly), it could also lend itself to possible 3d image capture (not just for 3d photos but 3d sensor mapping).
    Time will tell if its any good but lets hope it is.

    • gialight

      Oppo is actually doing much better than HTC in recent years, they just don’t have western market penetration so they don’t seem like a large company outside of China and India. Xiaomi used graphite fins to cool the 810, I’m sure OPPO could work something similar out, especially since they’ve had more time to work on the 810.

  • Leonid Zolotarev

    Will most probably be super-overpriced. Find 7 is still $579, which is ridiculously high in comparison with other Chinese phones with similar specs. Unless some of the upgrades are incorporated into One Plus One, I don’t see how Find 9 can be successful. The next Xiaomi model will crush it, I assume.

    • gialight

      $579 is hardly a dealbreaker on a flagship level phone but actually you can get a 7 for about 350 at this point. Not to mention Oppo goes beyond most Chinese manufacturers and actually innovates instead of slapping this years spec sheet into a rectangle and dropping an ios inspired ui on top. Oppo’s VOOC charging is faster than even quickcharge 2.0 and the N series rotating camera is a brilliant idea

  • Amos phiri

    As we still gulping for Find 7 comes Find 9 Oppo would have been the richest phone maker world over if they worked on their pricing which overides Apple.The people opple targets are business exectives.Who on often times are have no time for their products and they are a few.Oppo for get that we have more people in the streets than in the office,please Oppo Should now refocus their effort and it will be a balm for them.So far Xiaomi are talking about 1.5billion products sold in a spectrum of just few months their target is working for them.I challenge the sales team of Oppo to have this as their home work.