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10-core Mediatek MT6797 Helio X20 to use 2 Cortex A72 + 8 Cortex A53 Cores

by Joe 6

Yesterday, Taiwanese media reported that Mediatek’s upcoming flagship chipset, the Helio X20 was going to use a Cortex A57 (2) + (4+4) Cortex A53 architecture. This came as a surprise given that the performance wouldn’t have been out of the park. Earlier reports had said that this chip would most likely break the 70,000 AnTuTu barrier, but this configuration was not very powerful.

mediatek helio x20 leak 02

However, today, we have come across another leak which shows that the Mediatek MT6797 Helio X20 chip will be a lot more powerful. The report states that the Helio X20 chipset will use the powerful yet battery efficient, Cortex A72 cores in combination with the power efficient Cortex A53 cores. There will be 2 x 2.5GHz Cortex A72 cores, 4 x 2.0GHz Cortex A53 cores and 4 x 1.4Ghz Cortex A53 cores. This combination will strike a balance between power and performance. And the above configuration also supports the earlier claim that the chip will score above 70K on AnTuTu.

mediatek helio x20 leak 03

The chip will increase performance to a great extent. It is said that the MT6797 increases performance up to 40% as compared to the previous generation Helio X10 i.e. MT6795.

mediatek helio x20 leak

Although the information about the cores used in the chip differs when we compare yesterday’s report, the overall technology remains the same. So, it is said that the three different cores will use Mediatek’s home grown special tri-cluster CPU architecture. The 4+4 Cortex A53 cores will use big. LITTLE architecture to balance performance and battery efficiency. Also, like we said yesterday, the chip will come with Turbo boost technology, much like the Turbo in a car wherein it can regulate its own performance and power according to the requirement.

mediatek helio x20 leak 04

Yesterday’s report said that the chip will use TSMC’s 20nm process and supports LTE-A / Cat. 6 networks. The chip will most likely go into mass production by July this year, so expect devices running the Helio X20 by the end of 2015.

It looks like Mediatek is really stepping up its game with a 10-core Cortex A72 powered chip. However, whether smartphones really need these many cores for performance improvement is something that we will have to wait and watch.


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  • mashione

    Helix x20 VS Qualcomm 810, which is winner?

    • Joe

      Helio X20 should definitely win

  • No, we don’t need 10 cores. After all, iOS is able to achieve so much with just 2 (my brand new octa-core Android still feels more sluggish than my ancient dual-core iPhone 5 in many areas)…it’s not about the number of cores — it’s more about how well the software is optimized for the hardware, but I guess that’s not possible with the open Android platform where the software cannot predict what hardware is driving it.

    • Dave Mcpherson

      the way it looks and the way they explain it doesn’t seam all 10 cores are running think of it as 3 processors ones a 1.4 gz power efficient quad the second is the same but clocked higher and the third is a power hungry but fast dual core

    • Laurentiu

      No my friend, even mtk 6795 it`s faster in the real life then snapdragon 810, snapdragon 810 when go warm reduce his speed by a lot and become pretty slowly and laggy while the mtk 6795 run like the french tgv without any problem. This one it`s made to compete withthe snapdragon 820 even beet him in performance and power consumtion.


    10 Cores…Well, Kinda bit…overkill if you ask me…but we shall see!

    Let’s see it has a Cat6 LTE, 20nm, and a Dual Channel Memory (Hopefully it’s DDR4)
    But The real question is this…WHAT GPU will use for that…?