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Xiaomi Mi4i unveiled: Full HD 5-inch display, Snapdragon 615 and much more for $205!

by Joe 9

xiaomi mi4 phone images

Xiaomi Mi4i is finally official. The company has managed to nail it once again with this brand new offering. The phone provides one of the best cost to hardware ratio, making it truly a flagship for masses. The best part of the device is its price tag, as Xiaomi will start selling the Xiaomi Mi4i from April 30 for an amazing Rs. 12,999 i.e. $205 price tag. So, its even cheaper than the Xiaomi Mi3 with much advanced specs.

xiaomi mi4i images 02

At the start of the event, the company said that the Xiaomi Mi4i was heavily inspired by India. The phone will feature a unibody polycarbonate body with soft touch matte finish with anti-grease coating. The polycarbonate body wraps the entire device giving it a premium look.

xiaomi mi4i images 03

The phone will have the same height as the 4.7-inch iPhone 6, but it will feature a larger 5-inch display. The body is quite thin too measuring just 7.8mm and the phone weighs just 130 grams.

mi4i display

The Mi4i comes with a unique 5-inch sunlight fully laminated OGS display with full HD 1080p resolution. This translates into a pixel density of a whopping 441 ppi. The sunlight display uses dynamic tone mapping which keeps the image quality balanced even in bright sunlight. This in turns helps to improve display visibility under sunlight. The display is 30% more battery efficient than competitors and comes with NTSC 95 percent color gamut and 178 degrees wide viewing angles.

mi4i performance

Coming to the performance, the phone will feature Qualcomm’s 64-bit octa-core Snapdragon 615 processor with 2GB LPDDR3 RAM and 16GB ROM. The company also reveals that the Snap 615 was created by Qualcomm India. Although Qualcomm’s new chipset hasn’t really impressed us, Xiaomi claims that the Mi4i scores above 40,000 points on AnTuTu. The phone features all the standard connectivity functions such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, OTG, dual SIM dual Standby etc.

Coming to the main area, i.e. camera, the Mi4i comes with a 13MP Sony CMOS sensor at the back with f/2.0 aperture and 5 element lens. Besides the camera unit, you will find a two-tone flash, with a cold white LED and a warm yellow LED. The company claims that the combination of these two colored lights brings out the best picture. Moreover, when the room is too dark, you have a feature inbuilt in the camera UI which can turn on the integrated flash. This will lit up the object in focus and will result into better pictures even in low light conditions.

As for the front camera, there will be a 5MP shooter with f/1.8 aperture and 80 degrees wide angle lens. The phone will have a number of interesting camera functions such as beautify and improved HDR. The beautify is turned on as default on the front camera and is ideal for taking beautiful selfies. At the event, Barra noted that the software uses 12 different profiles (6 Males and 6 Females) to improve the image captured. Finally, in the camera department, Barra said that Xiaomi’s HDR is one of the best in the market right now.

You can check out a few samples from the test units down below to judge the camera performance.


Coming to the battery, Xiaomi has made no cost cuttings in this area. The Xiaomi Mi4i gets a generous 3120 mAh battery which the company claims is good enough for around 1.5 days of regular usage. The cherry on top is the Quick Charge support which will speed up the charging process.

xiaomi mi4i overall

Finally, coming to the software, you don’t have any surprises here. The phone will run on Android 5.0 Lollipop version along with MIUI 6 on top. The company notes that the new MIUI version features a lot of interesting features. One of the highlighted ones was the Visual IVR (Interactive Voice Response). This particular options helps you bypass the boring and long IVR calls by giving you preset options in menu format. So, you can directly select these options manually from the drop down menu instead of waiting for operator to hand it out to you.

xiaomi mi4 summary

The company claims that the Mi4i is made from the materials supplied from the best companies in the world. To name a few, Corning, Sony, Samsung, Qualcomm, Panasonic have all supplied parts for the new phone.

mi4i price

Given the hardware and the features, the Xiaomi Mi4i turns out to be a great phone for $205 (Rs. 12,999). It will go on sale in India from April 30 on Flipkart, Snapdeal, Airtel and other stores in a number of different colors. The phone will also make it outside of India from May in countries like Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia and Singapore.

xiaomi mi4i pictures images

xiaomi mi band

The company also unveiled the Xiaomi Mi Band in India today for Rs. 999 ($18). But more details on that later.

Anyways, so what do you think about the Mi4i?







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  • rigge

    good article, thanks!

  • cuios

    40.000 antutu points I do not belive that .

    • Joe

      Yes, I agree. Its hard to reach 40K + on AnTuTu with Snap 615! But this is what Hugo said at the event. We will have to wait for some real life benchmark tests to know if it really is the case.

      • amirexpressir

        they have said second generation of Snap615…Maybe qualcomm has learned a lesson and the snap615 2nd generation has sth in its sleeve which for sure we dont know yet as there is currenty no phone powerered by 2nd generation

        • Joe

          Yes, that’s true. But let’s see if the second generation model is really good enough to take on the MT6752 which scores well above 40K

          • topnoch adventurer

            & it wouldnt be an easy job..even by overclocking both CPU&GPU,the benchmark wouldnt go as far as more 4000-5000points…although with xiaomi investment in antutu and getting best score,having 1000-2000points must also be considered

  • ashwani

    Not a good phone for music & gaming lovers. Not enough memory to store music and games as well as no scope of expansion. No FM radio either. Gamers would be worried about the heating of Snapdragon615 too.
    If you are targeting the <$200 segment and tier2 cities in india, you need to have FM radio….period.

    • Imtiaz Ahmad

      But in this Price Range its awesome Dear.!!, it has FM Radio I just checked on GSMArena, What r u expecting in $200… who is giving 5″ Screen with 441ppi resoolution 3120 mAh battery, snapdragon 615 2nd Gen processor…come on Ashwani Bhai..

      • ashwani

        Thanks Imtiaz bhai….yes, I saw the FM radio spec on flipkart. It wasnt mentioned on though.

        The point is not ‘what r u expecting in $200’…..The point should be ‘what the end-user wants’ and there are many who feel the same way.

        I am willing to pay a bit more if I get a 32/64GB version. For me it would be a value for money at Rs.15000/ as well. You do not make a compromise just to save money….if you do, you may regret that later. In the same way, I did not buy the MI4 as it was not future-proof (without LTE).

        I love Xiaomi phones and MIUI features. Was there at the event too. Hope they seek more opinions before the next launch.