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LeTV One Pro with Snapdragon 810 and 2K display now available at Geekbuying

by Joe 5

Even before the launch of the LeTV One Pro, everyone was excited about the device. Now, its been a couple of months since the phone has been made official and finally, the device is up for grabs for everyone. The phone is now available at Geekbuying for $591. While this is a hefty price to pay for a Chinese smartphone, the LeTV One Pro does offer the goodies to justify the price.


The LeTV One Pro comes with the super fast Snapdragon 810 octa-core 64-bit chipset with 4GB RAM and 16GB of internal storage. There’s a 5.5-inch display on the device with a massive 2K resolution display. There’s a 4MP Ultrapixel front facing camera and a 13MP shooter at the back with flash and auto-focus.


As you can see, the specs are high-end and is enough to handle everything you throw at it. Even in the looks department, the phone stands out from the competitors. LeTV has made sure that its phone is one of the best looking models in the market right now with an all metal design and a near bezelless display. So, the 5.5-inch 2K display in particular should look good while watching videos and images.


Naturally, being a top end device, it supports 4G LTE networks. The supported bands are as follows: 4G: FDD-LTE: B1/3/7, TDD-LTE:38/39/40/41. A 3000mAh battery should ensure at least a day’s usage even with the large 5.5-inch display up front. So, overall, the LeTV One Pro is one of the best smartphones to buy in the market right now.


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  • joe

    Lol that’s so expensive

  • Enzo Francescoli

    $591? They are not going to sell a single one! For a similar price you can get an S6 with soooooo much better performance, in comparable resell price, amazing camera, proved support and etc.. For roughly that money you can buy pretty much any of today’s best phones!!!! We are talking here about a new coming CHINESE brand my friend! They have a long road to walk yet to get their names along with apple, Samsung, HTC or Sony to name a few… I would consider this phone at around $300 and only after they prove they have something else than numbers to offer to customers, on paper sounds like good characteristics but its still to see how it will perform, specially camera we should know already that its not about megapixels ) and I highly doubt they offer us a better camera than big names phones… Also support, updates,etc are still unknown and I can’t forget this was marketed as “bezel-less” phone for so long just to find that they cheated using wallpapers with black colour on borders to hide that HORRIBLE black surrounding lines around screen!

    • njren

      Easy there. In China, the phone is [email protected] or [email protected] Read the detailed specs and realize those are perfectly reasonable, if not cheap, prices.

      • Enzo Francescoli

        Price in China is one and price to the rest of the world is a much higher one, we are talking here about its availability for the rest of the world and that price is too much for the first device of a Chinese “Netflix” company, a device that has great specs over the paper but proved nothing yet! As I said is not just about having great specs over the paper, we still don’t know anything about this phone and it can be not so great in the end… Things like customer support, warranty (send to China if something’s wrong? Really?) the software, future updates, unknown performance, reselling price, too many cons for such a high price. Let’s not confuse things here, interest on Chinese brand phones is directly related to an affordable price tag, for similar money of iPhone , Samsung or LG flagships I have no doubt what I’ll choose myself and I shall be very wrong if 95% of people wouldn’t think the same…

  • Dima

    The Problem with Chinese manufacturers is not the hardware, because they are becoming much better and in a lot of cases more innovative than the big players. The problem is the UI. I have a Meizu MX4 Pro, and although I like all the little things in Flyme UI, its bloated and slow and theres nothing I can do about it. If there was an option for stock android maybe more people would buy , IMO