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Elephone P8000 durability test

by shanos 10

Elephone have been receiving a fair amount of criticism over the P7000’s build quality, some people have indicated that under pressure the phone suffers a similar bendability to the iPhone 6 (it takes a considerable amount of pressure to bend the metal chassis).

They have advised that for the P8000 they have been running the phone through a lot of testing to ensure that it does not have issues with durability.

Please check out the video to see what they have been doing.

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  • Bulent

    Can some one explain which phone (P7000 P8000) is better in terms of GPU and CPU


  • Shanos

    Its a difficult one to answer as more will depend on the level of optimisation in the OS, if you can wait a while I hope to get a P8000 for review and will pit the two against each other.

    • Bulent

      Thanks for the explanation, because the size of the battery I choose the P8000 hopefully the right choice!

      • Shanos

        I don’t think you will be disappointed, Elephone are trying to up their game and the additional support that should come from the release of sources to devs could make this a really good phone now and in the future. I have a p7000 and with the raft of software updates its not a bad phone 🙂

  • Zaya SARAA

    bulent in terms of power and GPU p7000 is much better but i don’t recommend it because of built quality , there are plenty of other mt6752 phones to choose from

    • Bulent

      thanks for the explanation!

    • ZikiDassaganaDenk

      Dear Bülent,
      Build quality is important but software optimization is most important part of phone. If you want to buy 6752 phone just buy k3 note. It is best optimized, snappy phone in the market.

  • rezneck

    This could be a really good phone. I’ve heard that Elephone will release sources for this phone so there will be a lot of great ROMs to choose. Also looks like it will have good build quality, really interesting phone.

  • bilbao

    I ordered the P8000, I think its great device and the fact that it’s open source will allow devs to fix problems and optimise the ROM 🙂 I trust Elephone since I have the P6000 and i’m very satisfied.