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3d Holographic projection on P8000

by shanos 5

Elephone have sent over a cool little video showing 3d Holographic projections on the P8000

This is achieved with a small plastic pyramid and some cool video software.

I hope to do a video showing how to make your own version shortly.

Please leave comments and questions below

Regards Shanos

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  • joe

    That can’t be real.

    • Muhammad Yasir

      now now … be nice and hope it is !

    • Shanos

      it is real its actually based on a kickstarter project by a company their device is the holho, I made one of these yesterday with my kids (using an old cd case that was cut up using a stanley knife) the kids loved it but it would be so much better made with optically clear plastic or glass. perhaps a cheeky China company will start to knock these out.

  • Muhammad Yasir


  • nebulus

    Pretty much stolen from other youtube where made popular recently. Yes it works.