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Xiaomi Made Processors Could Hit The Market By Next Year!

by Joe 9

According to latest reports, Xiaomi is currently developing its own, independent processor. The company has already experimented with a Chinese chip maker for its super cheap Redmi 2A smartphone and taking account of its success, it is said that this Chinese startup is all set to release its first processor by early 2016.

xiaomi redmi

The Redmi 2A which was launched back in April came with Leadcore’s LC1860C quad-core chipset. The performance of the chip was similar to Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 410 but it costed the company way less. As a result, Xiaomi was able sell the device for only 499 Yuan! Naturally, this helped the company sell more than 5.1 million units of the device in the first three months alone.

It is said that Xiaomi wants to overcome the various drawbacks in its smartphones by launching its own chipset. The new Xiaomi processor will be used in low-end Redmi series phones. On the other hand, the high-end devices like the Xiaomi Mi 5 will continue to use Qualcomm’s flagship chipsets (Snapdragon 820?).

Xiaomi has also reportedly acquired the full range of ARM core licenses. Further, the company recently hired the former Qualcomm China President Wang Xiang, which should definitely help it achieve its goal.

Although the company is yet to announce anything officially, this could indeed turn out to be true. All major manufacturers are increasingly becoming independent when it comes to the use of processors. Samsung, Huawei, Apple are some of the company’s direct competitors who use their own chipsets inside their devices. Given that Xiaomi has a habit of making moves pretty quickly, this does seem possible.

Anyways, what do you think about such a move from Xiaomi? Is this best for the company to rely on its own processor for its low-end devices?


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  • Cpaun

    Apple kinda uses Samsung processors 🙂 ‘Cause Samsung manufactures them, even if they’re designed by Apple.

    • sardagariga

      Most of the current generation Apple mobile processors are made by TSMC, not Samsung. Update your data !

      • Cpaun

        From what I know A6 and A7 were produced by Samsung (exclusively ?), and A8 is also partially produced by Samsung. I’m pretty sure that A9 will be Samsung’s too, due to the 14nm manufacturing process. So while I don’t know the percentage of TSMC’s processors in the total of Apple phones, I’m pretty sure Samsung dominates. Anyway my comment was purely based on the article’s remark that Apple uses its own chipsets, just like Samsung and Huawei. While the processors might be designed by Apple, I wouldn’t consider Apple a truly chip maker. That’s all I meant.

  • Etienne Veenstra

    yes its best hope make cheaper high end processors to

  • Daniel Eluvathingal

    if they going tostay with the low margin profit scheme,its better they should make their own processors..

  • Shanos

    the real benefit will come if they choose to release all of the kernal sources etc for chips they produce, this will allow devs and coders to fix bugs and issues under the GPL to make things better for every one

  • wolvie

    Why only design chip for low end smartphone ?
    Why not like mediatek where they also do high end Chip ?

    If Xiaomi want to become one of the big player then must think like a big player,
    Xiaomi are already so big in china and i believe they got enough R&D department to design a beastly chip to fight those giant like qualcomm, samsung,, why they are so worried ?

    It is not wise to fully depend on qualcomm as they screwed big time with their lousy 810. They might be screw again in the future.

  • AbdulB1

    Mediatek rom have greater development community than ledcore ,uptill now.

  • lucian

    will Xiaomi SoC production volume justify investment cost? tough road, will see…