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Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 vs Meizu M1 Metal vs LeTV 1S: A Detailed Comparison

by Joe 31

Xiaomi is back with a bang! The company has just unveiled the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 mid-range flagship and its brings tremendous value for your money. However, at this price range, this Redmi Note 3 isn’t the only device which offers bang for your buck. Both Meizu M1 Metal and the LeTV 1S can boast of all metal design with powerful specs. So, we decided to compare these three devices to see whether any one of these have an edge over others.

So, without wasting any more time, lets take a look at this comparison.

Redmi Note 3 vs Meizu M1 Metal vs LeTV 1S


note 3 vs meizu metal vs letv 1s


Despite being smartphones from three different companies, they have taken the same approach for developing their mid-rangers. All the three phones feature metal build, which is something that’s quickly catching on. There was a time, when only a few flagships could boast of such premium build quality, but things have changed for the good in the past few months.


While Xiaomi has taken a similar route as Meizu for its Redmi Note 3, LeTV has continued with their own unique design philosophy for the Le series. Its really hard to say which one comes out as the best as all three feature quite impressive build quality.

Meizu M1 Metal
Meizu M1 Metal

As far as thickness goes, LeTV 1S is the thinnest of the lot, measuring just 7.5mm, as followed by 8.2mm on M1 Metal and 8.65mm on Redmi Note 3.

However, LeTV model is the heaviest, weighing 169 grams as compared to Note 2’s 164 grams and Meizu Metal’s 162 grams.


Meizu Metal has the maximum color options which includes, White, Blue, Gray, Golden, and Pink. The Redmi Note 3 has gold, silver and dark grey colors while the LeTV 1S comes in just two options, gold and silver.



Unsurprisingly, these three models have very similar specifications. They are powered by the Helio X10 MT6795 octa-core chip. While the Meizu M1 Metal and Redmi Note 3 come with MT6795 clocked at 2.0GHz, the LeTV 1S features a 2.2GHz MT6795T (turbo) edition, which is slightly faster than the former variant.

helio x10 mt6795

As for RAM, the Meizu M1 Metal features 2GB, while the other two have 3GB RAMs (high-end variant of the Redmi Note 3). For storage, all three have 32GB editions, however, only M1 Metal comes with MicroSD card slot. So, in case of Note 3 and LeTV 1S, you are stuck with the internal storage that you get.

Display is similar, measuring 5.5-inches with FHD 1080p resolution. At the back, all three have 13MP camera sensors with PDAF. Meizu and Xiaomi have dual LED color temperature flash while LeTV model comes with single LED flash. Up front, you have a 5MP shooter on all the three models.

When it comes to the USB connector, only the LeTV 1S can boast of the new age reversible USB Type-C. Other two have standard connectors.

All three have fingerprint sensors, with Xiaomi and LeTV placing it at the back of their devices, and Meizu on its home button. Also, all three have dual SIM dual standby support with 4G LTE enabled.

Now coming to the most distinguishing feature of the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3. If you were finding it difficult to decide which one suits you better, the Xiaomi’s battery capacity is where the balance is lost. Xiaomi has outdid itself by incorporating a large 4000mAh capacity battery inside the new Redmi Note 3. In comparison, both the LeTV 1S and Meizu M1 Metal feature only 3000mAh and 3140mAh respectively. There’s no way that these two can compete with the Xiaomi device in this segment. Moreover, all three feature fast charge as well, making sure that your phone is charged in just an hour or more.

Both LeTV 1S and Redmi Note 3 feature IR Blasters on top. But the Meizu M1 Metal doesn’t.

Finally, coming to the software, these models feature Android 5.1, with Meizu Metal, Redmi Note 3 and LeTV 1S running Flyme 5.1, MIUI 7 and EUI OS respectively.



Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 was just launched today for an amazing price tag of 899 Yuan ($140). To be fair, we had considered the 3GB RAM variant in this comparison, which is priced 1099 Yuan ($172). But that’s exactly the same price that both Meizu M1 Metal and LeTV 1S retails in China.



Redmi Note 3Meizu M1 MetalLeTV Le 1S
CPUMediatek Helio X10
MT6795 @ 2.0GHz
Mediatek Helio X10
MT6795 @ 2.0GHz
Mediatek Helio X10
MT6795T @ 2.2GHz
1920 x 1080p
5.5-inch FHD
1920 x 1080p
5.5-inch FHD
1920 x 1080p
2GB + 16GB
3GB + 32GB
No MicroSD
2GB + 16GB / 32GB
MicroSD expandable
3GB + 32GB
No MicroSD
164 grams
162 grams
169 grams
Dual LED (dual tone)
5MP Wide Angle
Dual LED (dual tone)
5MP Wide Angle
Single LED flash
5MP Wide Angle
BATTERY4000mAh Fast Charge3140mAh Fast Charge3000mAh Fast Charge
ADD ONSFingerprint Sensor
Infrared Port
Fingerprint SensorFingerprint Sensor
Infrared Port
based on Android 5.1
Flyme 5
based on Android 5.1
based on Android 5.1
PRICE2GB + 16GB ($140)
3GB + 32GB ($170)
2GB + 16GB ($170)
2GB + 32GB ($203)
3GB + 32GB ($170)


To be honest, all the three devices are great. But if we had to make conclusions based on the specs on paper, the Redmi Note 3 comes out on top with such a large battery. Xiaomi has definitely released a winner, at least on paper and there’s no doubt about it. Its one of the biggest reasons why most customers will choose Redmi Note 3. Lack of MicroSD is probably its biggest drawback, but then you get 32GB of storage on the 3GB variant, which usually is enough.

So, what do you think? Which one would you pick among these three?



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  • jaro69

    i would buy one with the best camera quality, but which one of this 3 is that?

  • I like the xiaomi redmi note 3, big battery is really important for me

  • Mike Liberty

    I like the letv 1s better, a shame that they couldn’t put in the bigger battery of the xiaomi

  • Ben

    Which one off them is the shortest 5.5″-device?

    • Joe

      Considering the height of the three devices..

      Thats going to be Redmi Note 3 : 150 x 76 x 8.65mm

      Meizu comes next with: 150.7 x 75.3 x 8.2 mm

      LeTV is the tallest: 151.1 X 74.2 X 7.5mm

      But as you can see, when it comes to the slimness and width, its in the opposite direction.

  • tauerman

    I’ll take a Redmi Note 3 32GB

  • Dear Joe,

    Does LeTV 1S have LED Notification.

  • Nilzie

    FYI the LETV 1S runs on Android 5.0, not 5.1.

  • Freeje

    Would have chosen the Metal as it comes with SD card support but just read a review and it says that the camera sucks so waiting for a better one.

  • srk

    sd card support wins: meizu metal for me…

  • Muhtady

    Please tell me, has le tv 1s Glass protection? AMOLED screen? and how much its ppi? I am Mi4 user, I also have use letv le1, So please tell me. I want to buy letb 1s, please confirm that 3 qualities.

  • Dear Joe,

    kindly advise best among 3 and why ?

    Thanks and regards

    [email protected]

    • Joe

      I would go with the REdmi Note 3.

      But actually, we have both the Note 3 & letv 1S with us at the moment..the first impressions articles of both the devices will be up in a few hours.

      You can check them out to decide for yourself 😉

  • Guaire

    When Meizu did release an Android model of Metal? As well I know Flyme build on YunOS for Metal not on Android.

    Meizu Metal has most power efficient display type and display is biggest
    power hog in smartphones. So comparing battery capacities doesn’t same
    thing as comparing battery life. Design wise I like the way Meizu get rid off strips on the metal back. Also it has 2.5D glass. YunOS is its drawback and costs a bit more than its competitors.

    Letv 1s has thinnest body among the three also it has thinness side bezels.

    • furious.builder

      YunOS is based on Android…

  • ama roid

    Interesting comparison.

    i am a mi4 user and also mx4 user.

    i am impressed my mx4 camera but i don’t know if m1 metal would have the same quality.

    The article forgot to mention that the redmi note 3 has added IOS capability on its camera which i think is a big deal.

    I would love to try leTV but the very small market for used leTv phone discourage me on getting one.

    So i think the bigger battery, IOS capability, bigger market for used phone on redmi note 3 might be enough to win me over.

  • littletime

    After agonising over the Letv 1s and the Redmi Note 3 I went with the Letv and am waiting for it to arrive. I realise that the Note 3 has a bigger battery and yet is lighter. I also realise that it is manufactured by an established hardware maker whereas Letv has been making phones only for the past 9 months. I’m not entirely certain then why I chose the Letv, possibly a combination of the following reasons; 1.) I slightly prefer the look of the Letv. 2.) I think the camera may be slightly better. 3.) I have an illogical tendency to favour the underdog possibly because I kid myself into thinking it makes me edgy. 4.) In the past Xiaomi products have been too similar to that of Apple’s. 5.) There seems to be some animosity between Xiaomi and Google – a fact that bothers me as I am heavily embedded in Google’s infrastructure.
    So in conclusion, yeah I chose the poorer value of the two and I hope in time I won’t regret it!

    • Nilzie

      Lets not forget that the letv 1s is thinner, thus the smaller battery.

      • littletime

        Yet the 1s is heavier

        • Architect

          Wow really dude? Letv is heavier with 0.7 grams and u are talking like there`s a whole kilogram extra weight…

          • Yazdan Khan


  • livefromlag

    battery test pls. and fps test pls

  • Nilzie

    where can you get a letv 1s 32gb for 170 usd?

  • Architect

    After the new software updates for Letv, camera is so much better than before. Phone just fly without a hiccup. Premium feel in hand, gorgeous looking and its just better. Im so glad i picked this one up instead of that plasticky redmi.