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Letv Le 1s Preview – The New Best Cheap Smartphone? (VIDEO)

by Linus 11

I wanted to share my thoughts about the just released Letv Le 1s, which is just an amazing smartphone for incredibly low price as it costs just $172 in China. I’m just amazed how much you get for such a low price. Naturally, the phone will cost a bit higher via the third-party resellers.


It all start with a premium all-metal unibody symmetrical design and the Le 1s is just 7.5mm thick.
The new Le Superphone comes in gold and silver colour options and they both look stunning.
As far as the processing power, the Le 1s is powered by the octa-core Mediatek Helio X10 chip, which is clocked at 2.2Ghz and this chip has already proven to be quite a powerhouse. To make sure that the performance is buttery smooth there is 3GB of RAM on board and 32GB of storage for the base model.
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Other key features include a high-end fingerprint scanner, 13MP camera on the back, which has a PDAF system, which helps achieving blazing fast auto-focus speeds of just 0.09s.
The Le 1s has a 5.5” 1080p panel which is said to be brighter than its predecessor. The display uses a floating glass technology and it has the bezel less design.
The phone also has the reversible USB Type-C port, which is slowly becoming a new standard but more importantly, Letv implemented a super fast charging speeds, which are said to give you 3 hours of talk time with just 5 minutes of charge the embedded 3000mAh battery.
All in all, the new Letv Le 1s shapes up to an amazing phone for the price and honestly, I can’t wait to make a full review of it.
It is just incredible what the Chinese companies are making at the moment and the Letv Le 1s is one of the best examples out there.
I hope to get the Le 1s for a review as quickly as possible but in the meantime you may want to check out the reviews of the previous generation Letv smartphones down below.
Please use the comment section below the video to tell me what you think.

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  • Anton Le

    Wll they release a pro model soon with X20 or Snapdragon 920/830 (cant remember)?

  • puu muuk

    Is there any screen protection? No OIS either?

    • it is most likely gorilla glass 3. No OIS.

  • kdokma

    What kind of support after the purchase. Is there a regular update software?

    • the software support is where good. I received about 1 update once in two or three weeks with a huge change log

      • kdokma

        I know it’s still early, but on the first, which has the advantage in terms of software, later support and cameras. meizu metal or letv 1s?

      • Yuto Arrapato

        Will it receive MM 6.0? Thanks

        • There are high hopes for that but no official confirmation yet.

  • Bility

    Linus, please when u get your review unit please don’t forget to check what security features it has especially App Locker features. I am a bit disappointed that the Le1 has no App Lock security features so, I can’t lock my pictures, emails and text messages from other people if they wanted to use my Le1. But if Le1s has these features I will just send the Le1 I just bought three weeks ago to my brother in Africa. I have double layer of these security features on my Oppo Find7 so I can’t live without them on any phone. On my Find 7 I can lock away my pictures with one pin number and lock away my private pictures with different pin number, and lock my phone with third different pin number….. very nice.

  • Cuong

    No OIS is a bummer. Just one step away from being THE perfect smartphone.

  • beez276

    Sure would like to hope this doesn’t have problems with GPS and Wifi antenna, like the X600 has.