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Kingzone K10 Leaked Sporting A Super Thin Metal Body & Fingerprint ID

by Joe 5

After Kingzone K2 and N5 smartphones, we haven’t heard much from the company. However, earlier today, we came across a new leak about one of its upcoming smartphones, the Kingzone K10. This is the first time we are hearing about this new device.


The Kingzone K10 seems to be a pretty well-built phone from the leaked image. It looks like the company is following the trend of slimming down the smartphone thickness, as the image shows that the phone will be super thin. From my guess, it could be around the 6mm mark, which will turn out to be thinner than most phones in the market today.

Another highlight of the device is going to be its all-metal body, which is clearly shown in the image. Metal is often considered as a premium material for smartphones, which is why it’s no surprise that more and more manufacturers are opting for metal over plastic for their phones. Further, the Kingzone K10 will be available in at least two colors, namely gold, and silver.

Apart from the good looks, the phone is said to come with a fingerprint sensor at the back. Unfortunately, we cannot see that in the picture above. Also, the screen is expected to be large around 5.5-inches which has become a standard among mid-rangers.

Overall, the Kingzone K10 looks like an interesting model from the company. Slim phone lovers will especially love the thin design and the metal body.

Unfortunately, at the moment, we have no other specs or release details about the device. However, we will keep you guys updated with more details in the coming days.



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  • Rigge

    I hope it comes under 6mm thin, I will buy if it’s very thin & affordable. I recently bought the cubot x16 and x17 just because the design.. x16 is very nice phone for it’s price, my dad loves his phone!

    • Muhammad Yasir

      wat about x17 ? u like that ?

      • Rigge

        I’m still waiting for shipping on the x17 but from what I’ve read the x17 is an improvement from the x16, thinner and 3gb ram. For the 135$ you can’t go wrong with the x16, better than my samsung note 2, samsung s4 and iphone 5s.

        • Muhammad Yasir

          wow ?! better than 5s too ?!
          how …

  • greg

    I hope will bring 3G and 4G LTE bands for America