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Huawei P9: Specs, Pricing, Release Date & Pictures Leaked In The Weekend

by Joe 12

This weekend was a busy one for Huawei fans. There were at least three different leaks on the internet of the upcoming Huawei P9 family, including pictures, specs and even release date (sale date) of the device. Since a lot of information were leaked in the past two days, here’s a summary of the additional details we came to know about the phone.


Huawei P9 Leaked Picture (Leica Branding):

This weekend, we saw an HD rendering of the upcoming Huawei P9 smartphone which clearly revealed the Leica branding at the back. The company as well as earlier leaks have already confirmed that the phone will come with dual cameras with lens from Leica, so this isn’t a surprise. The picture reveals that the phone will feature the SUMMARIT H 1: 2.2/ 27 ASPH lens from Leica.

huawei p9 new render

Further, we can see dual LED flash as well as Laser Autofocus besides the dual camera setup. It is said that the setup will come with breakthrough technology and that it will be the second generation dual camera tech from the company (first was used in the Honor 6 Plus). Further, we can see a textured metal back as well as the fingerprint sensor.

Leica Certification:

Another important piece of information that we received in the past two days is that the lens on board could be certified from Leica. According to an industry insider, since Leica doesn’t make smartphone camera lens, Huawei could possibly obtain a certification from Leica for its Huawei P9 range. It could work similar to Nokia’s Carl Zeiss lens certification. Further, it is said that the dual camera setup for Huawei P9 comes from China’s leading Sunny Optical Technology, which is one of the best in the country.


Huawei P9 Specs, Pricing & Sale:

Another leak, showing off an official Huawei document confirms the presence of four different variants of the Huawei P9. So, there will be a standard version of Huawei P9 along with, P9 Lite, P9 Max and P9 Plus (high version). The phone will reportedly go on sale on April 16, ten days after being officially released.

huawei p9 variants

The Huawei P9 is said to come with a 5.2-inch 1080p display with the standard version featuring Kirin 950, 3GB RAM, 32GB storage and the P9 Plus version coming with Kirin 955, 4GB RAM, 64GB / 128GB options with Android Marshmallow on board.

Coming to the pricing, it is said that the P9 Max will retail for 4088 Yuan ($631), while the Plus for 3688 Yuan ($569). The standard edition will sell for 3088 Yuan ($477) and the P9 Lite version for 1888 Yuan ($291).




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  • Jiraya Ziane

    Is it to expensive, or just me?

    • Joe

      Yes, it’s a bit on the higher side as compared to other Chinese flagships.

    • Jay

      who do they think they are, apple?

      • VMortens

        Maybe they want to be seen more like Oppo, or Vivo now. I doubt they will succeed in this field.

  • Muhammad Yasir

    too expensiv

  • VMortens

    If these were prices form EU distribution then it’s ok. Since they’re Chinese prices, I must say it’s way too expensive.

    • Nick

      It is way too expensive IMO, of course these are flagship phones which is justified by the pricing. After resellers, it will reach the price of Samsung S7 in Europe.

      I would suggest the Redmi Note 3 Pro which an amazing phone and has a very good camera.

      • Adam Irvine

        Totally agree with you, in the passed 6 weeks I’ve ordered 5 Redmi Note 3 Pro’s for friends and family and every one who of them is very, very happy with them!

        • Nick

          Yeah I am going to order one in coming days, I was more looking for a phone below 5.2 inch but can’t find one at a competitive price with great performances and build quality. I am willing to get a RN3Pro because I am tired to wait for the perfect to come to the market.

      • VMortens

        I’m used to see Huawei phones more expensive in Europe, but they provide local warranty cover for that too, so I guess it’s ok.
        In this case I just don’t see them selling a lot, while as you say re-sellers will add their own cut to the price too.

        Regarding RN3Pro – great phone, but I wouldn’t call this camera a great one.

        • Nick

          There is a video on youtube where an italian or spanish dude compares both phones and the result is much better most of the time for the RN3Pro. I was very suprised by the test. You can google it!

        • Nick

          Xiaomi MI5 vs RN3Pro comparison