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Meizu Pro 6 Official: Details About Specs, Features, Camera & Pricing Inside

by Joe 17

Meizu has officially announced the Meizu Pro 6 flagship, which is one of the most important phones for the company this year. We had already learned a lot about the device from company executives as well as teasers, but, now, everything including specs, features, camera, and pricing are out in the open. There’s a lot of new information about the Pro 6, which is why I have divided the info into different segments down below. It will be easier to browse through all the information this way.

meizu pro 6 official 02

So, let’s see what Meizu Pro 6 brings to the table.


Meizu Pro 6 DESIGN:

meizu pro 6 silver

First of all, Meizu is using a brand new design for the Pro 6 smartphone. The company had already showcased the new antenna design on the device, and today, it has confirmed it officially. The phone comes with a 2.5D glass front with a CNC cut body for its premium looks. The special antenna design helps in better coverage, which Meizu claims is much better than the iPhone 6S. The buttons are placed well inside its grooves and the overall design looks simple yet premium.

meizu pro 6 7.25mm thickness

Meizu Pro 6 is also the company’s thinnest device till date, featuring a 7.25mm body. The company has also managed to reduce the board area inside by up to 30%, reducing the overall size of the phone. Although it’s a matter of individual preference, but personally, I think Meizu has done a very good job with the design.

meizu pro 6 official 01




meizu pro 6 01

The Meizu Pro 6 comes with a 5.2-inch Super AMOLED FHD 1920 x 1080p display with 2.5D glass and Corning Gorilla Glass 3 on top. The company boasts that the borders are ultra-narrow measuring just 0.715mm, which is one of the thinnest borders we have seen. Other specs of the display include 450 Nit brightness, 100 and 423PPI pixel density. During the conference, Meizu specifically pointed out that the minimum display brightness is just 3 Nits to ensure that you don’t strain your eyes at night.

meizu pro 6 3 nits night brightness


Meizu Pro 6 Specs:

No surprises here. The Meizu Pro 6 comes with the new Helio X25 deca-core chipset clocked at 2.5GHz. The chip features 2 x Cortex A72 cores and 8 x Cortex A53 cores. The company said that it decided to go with Helio X25 because it believes in the balance of performance and energy efficiency. Inside, there will be Mali-T880 MP4 GPU. As for memory, the phone comes with 4GB of LPDDR3 RAM and 32GB of eMMC 5.1 storage as standard. The company has reportedly made over 70 hardware and software optimizations on the device.

helio x25 chipset

The Pro 6 also features the new USB 3.1 standard Type-C port which supports transfer speeds up to 5Gbps. The phone supports full netcom meaning it will work on all three carriers in China. Other connectivity features include dual SIM dual standby, VoLTE and Cat 6. support for transfer up to 300Mbps.

usb type-c

Meizu also reveals that the Pro 6 comes with the new mCharge 3.0 standard which can charge at 24W. This means you can charge the 2560mAh battery in the device to 100% in just 60 minutes. A simple 10-minute charge would give you 26% charge. mCharge 3.0 also comes with triple protection to ensure the safety of your phone.

You also get a mTouch 2.1 360 degrees fingerprint sensor embedded into the home button up front.



So, apart from the unique antenna design on the Pro 6, Meizu also comes with a couple of interesting new features.


First is the Hi-Fi Lite, which is a less power consuming version of the traditional Hi-Fi standard. The Hi-Fi Lite reportedly consumes 55% less power than the traditional standard. The phone features a cirrus logic chip and DAC amplifier for the best sound output. Further, there’s the company’s mSound tech with NXP chip.

meizu 3d press

Another new feature on the Meizu Pro 6 is 3D Press. This is Meizu’s name for pressure sensitive display. The company has added a new layer of capacitive pressure sensing to enable user gestures. The company also adds that Flyme OS will come with 20 apps that support 3D Press. This number could increase soon after the release.

Like expected, the Pro 6 also features the new 10-flash tech at the back, but more about that in the camera department.


Meizu Pro 6 CAMERA:

The Meizu Pro 6 comes with a capable camera sensor at the back, which is the Sony IMX230 with 21MP resolution and f/2.2 aperture. The sensor is supported by PDAF with focus times of just 0.07 seconds. Meizu also revealed that it has reduced the thickness of the camera module by 14% to blend well with the thin design of the Pro 6.

meizu pro 6 gray

Now, coming to the most interesting part, the Pro 6 features a 10-LED flash setup. This is a combination of alternating cold and warm LED lights arranged in a ring design. This reportedly increases the brightness of the flash dramatically, helping you take best shots even at night. Further, the new setup with a new ISP translates into a range which is 4x better than Laser Autofocus.

pro 6 camera focus

On the front, the phone comes with a 5MP f/2.0 shooter.

Here are some camera samples taken from the Meizu Pro 6.

Meizu Pro 6 PRICING:

The Meizu Pro 6 will be much cheaper than what we initially thought. The phone starts at 2499 Yuan for the 32GB variant ($386) and goes up to 2799 Yuan for the 64GB variant ($432). The company is already taking pre-order registrations for the phone. It will start selling from April 23.

So, what do you think about the Pro 6?

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  • Trym Døssland Bjerkvik

    Anything about international realese?

    • Joe

      Company revealed no info about an international release during the conference.

      • economistor

        Meizu does not support EU LTE 800 . So it is non functional in EU.

        Some Chinese brands support LTE 800, also Xiaomi does not support LTE
        800 in EU (Germany, …) .

        Meizu does not want to sell in EU. It is only for China.

        • Luis

          My meizu m2 note works fine in Europe

          • VMortens

            Of course it does, but what does this have to do with the lack of LTE abnd 20 (800MHz)??
            LTE will not work in places where access is provided via 800MHz range.

          • balcobomber25

            His comment is about the “non functional in EU” that is categorically false.

        • balcobomber25

          Saying it is not functional in EU is completely false. It will not work on 800, but that is completely different than being “non functional”. Nearly every major European city has band 1 (2100), 3 (1800) or 7 (2600) which most Meizu phones support.

          Also we still don’t know what bands this current model will support.

  • The battery is a little bit short, and the price a little high. The rest of things I think that are great!

  • VMortens

    Something tells me the camera will not be coping well in the low light, at least not as well as they claim it will. Samsung S7’s aperture=1.7 will still be able to squize way, way more of the shades and low light situations.
    I expect the camera to be in par with this of Mi5, but not better.
    I think the prices (for 32GB option) will stabilise at level of 300$ in few months and this will make it quite attractive phone then.

  • greg

    Micro sd card slot ?

  • erictheking87

    Hugely dissapointing news. Cirrus chip instead of allmighty ESS Sabre… I was hoping for Pro 5 beater, and here we go with midrange chip with amp… I’m really dissapointed.
    Moreover if the lack of MicroSD is true, then Pro 6 is no-go for me.
    It’s nice they made it 5.2″ and the design is very nice and sleek.

    I’ll will surely wait for Head-Fi users to review the phone. If it will be as good as the V10 or Pro 5 then I’ll will consider it. If not, game over and I head to LG G5+B&O audio module.

    • quodvadis

      Sabre need very careful implementation of power supply circuit to avoid sounding digital and harsh. Cirrus is used by AK which sounds quite good and is among the most expensive DAP in the industry.

      If you really care that much about SQ in portable use, get a Mojo and be done with it.

      • erictheking87

        Come on, CL was used in apple’s products for many years, being famous for cold and digital sound. I prefere IEMs like Audeo so properly implemented Sabre or Wolfson DAC (like in irivers of old) is my choice.
        Problem is that I don’t want another device. I was using dedicated DAP for many years but nowdays I just want all-in-one.

        Wolfson was used in AK and Wolfson WM8740 had opinion of better sounding than Cirrus Logic CS4398 which appeared on AK240 (and its only adventage was the energy-efficency).

        We will have to wait and see. Obviously in case of no microSD it’s game over.

        Maybe some kind of ZTE or Lenovo will give a go to a smaller sized audiophile phone.
        Meizu has the best experience from them all as they started as DAP producers…
        But Pro 6 is a major dissapointment for me ATM.

        • quodvadis

          AK240 uses Cirrus Logic.

          Tell me that sounds cold and digital.

      • How you compare it to Wolfson from Galaxy s3 (which is best sounding phone ever for me, with boeffla sound of course)? Is it sounds that warm and pleasant? I hate “cold” digital sound.

        • quodvadis

          The Mojo has been compared to the best of desktop dac by some people and I personally sold off all of my desktop dacs (albeit not really that high-end) after getting mine.

          Mojo is the exact opposite of cold digital sound.

  • ravi

    in earlier versions the only con is Camera….with this new version we have 2 cons Camera & battery.. Very disappointing Meizu,…without addressing fundamental flaws you are introducing new features,,,force touch,…who cares!…. going in wrong way!!