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Finally! Android Based Nokia Smartphones Are Coming

by Joe 15

I am sure that majority of the readers here, had one or even multiple Nokia branded smartphones in the past. This isn’t surprising since Nokia was once the king of the smartphone market. However, the last decade wasn’t too good for the company, with losses increasing and its decision to stick with Microsoft’s Windows platform leading to its ultimate demise. We’ve all dreamed about an Android based Nokia smartphone in the past, with Finnish company’s solid hardware and design and Google’s open source platform. While we haven’t really seen a real Nokia based Android smartphone in the past, this is soon going to change.



After the establishment of the new ‘Nokia Technologies’ company, we have heard multiple times that it wasn’t going to enter the smartphone market directly. There wasn’t much information in the past about its plans for this market, but now, things have become a lot clearer.

We are definitely going to see Nokia Android smartphones in the coming months.

Nokia Technologies revealed today that it has given exclusive global license to HMD Global, a startup company based out of its own home country of Finland. This means that HMD Global can now manufacture smartphones as well as tablets bearing the Nokia brand name. In return, Nokia Technologies gets royalty for using its name. The company also has conditionally agreed to acquire rights to use the Nokia name from Microsoft.

nokia concept image 1
nokia android concept image

At the same time, Microsoft is selling its feature phone business to FIH Mobile, a subsidiary of Foxconn for $350 million. The deal is expected to close by the second half of 2016. And guess what, FIH and HMD Global have entered into a collaborative deal which gives full operational control of sales, marketing and distribution of Nokia branded smartphones globally.

So, it looks like finally things have come together to revive Nokia’s smartphone business. The company also confirms that Nokia smartphones and tablets will be based on Android, which is what we wanted from the start.

In case you are wondering, Nokia Technologies will have a seat on the board of HMD Global to ensure that the quality and reputation of Nokia’s name is maintained. Given that HMD Global is founded by ex-Nokia employees, we can expect great design on the upcoming Nokia branded smartphones. The company also confirmed that ex-Nokia executive and current head of Microsoft’s Mobile Division Business for Greater Asia, Middle East and Africa, Arto Nummela will be the CEO of HMD.


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  • Steven Fox

    It`s a shame because although Foxconn can produce good quality, it will never be as remotely great as what the original Finish Nokia had, and offcourse Symbian.

  • quodvadis

    Thanks but no thanks. They had long long years to innovate like iPhone did (sidenote: not an apple fanboy, don’t even have a single apple product), but they just kept twiddling their thumbs while apple and everybody else stole their lunch right under their nose.

    Don’t have any faith of them doing it right.

    • Muhammad Yasir

      lets give them a CHANCE!

      • quodvadis

        I will but by observing them first, won’t be buying their devices blindly just because they were the most successful phone maker years ago.

        • Muhammad Yasir

          yea … thats the right approach. let Reviewers take the fall for us

      • Sorry but they have no chance.

        The Nokia Lumia phones (especially Lumia 920) had hardware that made iPhone look silly.

        Better screen
        Better resolution
        Better touch
        Better camera
        Wireless charging
        Glance screen
        Roughness – did not break as easy as an iPhone
        4G – two years before iPhone had it.
        NFC – real NFC for sending files and apps between phones
        Offline free maps
        Offline free music
        and more…

        If people had cared about any of these features then Windows Phone would not be dead by now. Instead it showed that people only cared about one feature;
        Apple logo on the back

        – at least where i live where most phone buyers are acting like sheep, following the flock.

        So sorry but Nokia is dead now and forever.

        • Muhammad Yasir

          yeah .. i get what ur saying…
          its the same in Pakistan… iphone is considered the best and all

          but it can take time for them to change the dynamics… Iphone did NOT become world renowned overnight … it took time. i expect others to do the same

        • quodvadis

          MANY android phones have all those things (and more) with better software support. But sure yeah, everyone only cares about the logo, bohohoo lol, sad how narrow-minded some people can be.

          • “MANY android phones have all those things (and more) with better software support.”

            Sure but the Lumia 920 was announced mid 2012! At that time no other phone had all those specs. That’s why many believed that the phone had the chance to give WP a boost and gain more users. For at least a year no other phone could match all the specs that Lumia 920 brought.

            And that’s why the new Nokia phones are dead. I cant see any phone release with specs and features that are so far ahead of the competition today, that Lumia 920 was 2012. Sorry just cant se it happening.

          • quodvadis

            Goes to show that you need software support above all else. Surprisingly, consumers aren’t ALL that stupid.

            Lumia 920 also had usability fail with those stupid sharp unergonomic edges. Glad that it died together with the shitty design.

          • “Goes to show that you need software support above all else.”
            True, but at that time fram many users were first time buyers and still didn’t know what apps was a must. Again had WP passed 10% marketshare those apps would have come. This was proven in GB where WP passed 10% and a lot of official apps form banks and other businesses did appear at that time.

            “Surprisingly, consumers aren’t ALL that stupid.”
            You could say that and still many phone buyers thinks its normal to pay $800 for a iPhone 🙂 Maybe Stupid is the new normal – and Apple laughs all the way to the bank…

            “Lumia 920 also had usability fail with those stupid sharp unergonomic edges.”
            Actually my old Lumia 920 was the most ergonomic phone I have ever held. Its rounded on the sides where your hand holds it. The new Lumia 950 which has an iPhone 5 design feels a lot harder to hold. And the “sharp” edges was perfect to let the phone rest with one corner in your palm while holding it. You just knew it would not slip away. My current phone with round corners is slippery and I am always afraid of if gliding out of my palm… But that’s only my personal opinions after using the Lumia 920 for two years.

  • Muhammad Yasir

    alrighty then !
    im expecting WELL PRICED Nokia Android phones in the NEXT QUarter!

  • Just another old guy

    Nokia still make the same idiot mistake by hiring another microsoft People eas their CEO.
    last time Nokia got bankrupt because of their fuckin’ idiot stephen elop that keep using microsoft as their OS (and he got pretty rich getting bribe money from microsoft)

    Nokia need to be like Xiaomi that hijack hugo barra from google. They need someone who is expert in android to sell android phone. I might be wrong btw LOL.

  • metalboyz

    It would be a fail, if it got powered by intel inside.

  • AbdulB1

    Too late. Hard to beat established brands now……