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ZUK Z2 Announced With Snapdragon 820 & 4GB RAM, Priced Cheaper Than Mi5

by Joe 26

ZUK announced its second flagship smartphone this year, namely the ZUK Z2. This will be a slightly toned down version of the Z2 Pro model, but still it packs enough punch to take on mighty rivals such as the Xiaomi Mi5. In fact, ZUK Z2 is priced cheaper that the Mi5 and at just 1799 Yuan $273, it is also faster than the base version of the Xiaomi Mi5 which comes with just 3GB of RAM. Looks like Lenovo’s ZUK is all set to take on the upper mid-range market with its new device. Read on for more details about the phone.

zuk z2 color options

The company is marketing the ZUK Z2 as a small screen flagship since it comes with a 5-inch display. This is smaller than most other flagships in the market and would definitely get the attention of compact smartphone lovers. As for the design, the Z2 comes with an aluminum alloy body frame with high strength glass to improve the looks as well as body strength. It will be resistant to stains as well as abrasion. Further, the body is just 68.88mm wide which the company says is ideal for handling the phone with one hand.

Under the hood, the ZUK Z2 comes with the powerful Snapdragon 820 chipset clocked at 2.15GHz. But the phone supports overclocking of the chip up to 2.3GHz. The company reveals that the Z2 managed to get a score of over 145K on AnTuTu, which is really high. But expect the real life scores to be lower than this figure. Now, if you are worried about over heating, the company says that the alloy frame manages to dissipate heat just fine making sure that the phone’s temperature is under control. There will be 4GB of RAM on board and 64GB of internal storage as standard.

zuk z2 width

At the back, the ZUK Z2 comes with a 13MP ISOCELL sensor with 0.1s fast focus (PDAF + CAF), EIS, f/2.2 aperture and 1.32um pixel size. The phone supports slow motion recording as well. Up front, you have an 8MP shooter with beauty mode. As for the battery, you get a 3500mAh capacity one inside, which is pretty large as compared to other 5-inch competitors. With 1080p resolution and small screen size, this battery should provide at least a day of usage on the device. Further, you can charge it from 0 to 80 percent in around 100 minutes, which is pretty good.

As for the software, the ZUK Z2 comes with ZUI 2.0. The company has promised Android N update for the device and you can even flash different ROMs such as CyanogenMod, ColorOS etc on the device.

You can make reservations for the phone from today on various retailers like Zuk’s own website, Suning and Lynx. The phone will go on sale from June 7 at 10:00AM in China.

For $273, the ZUK Z2 is really a beast! It looks like Xiaomi definitely has something to worry about.

What do you think?

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  • Atere Jr


    • Simion Florin

      Wide, 68.8 mm wide, one hand usability.

      • Atere Jr

        Oh, makes sense. Thanks

  • Adam Nazifi

    Its a perfect phone for the price

    • Ven0m

      yes, people forget that too often. For that price it’s simply great!! Just a shame shops will put about 50$ on top of the price -.-

      • Adam Nazifi

        You planning on getting one ?

        • Ven0m

          yes, but rather the 64GB Pro Version or the Mi5. But the price is too high right now, gotta wait…

          • Adam Nazifi

            Alright, good luck with that one bro, also struggling here

  • bro-reac

    This is amazing.
    What a price Zuk u nailed it.

  • Ionut Johnny

    Lenovo will get back to top with the Zuk line.

  • Muhammad Yasir

    no OIS ?!
    fuck u !

    • illystor

      If you want a 5-inch with OIS, the Z11 Mini should meet your requirements, and for even lower price!

      • VMortens

        As the first generation – this phone will not offer anything interesting in the camera department.
        Z11M does not offer OIS too.

        • illystor

          My mistake, I assumed it was using the same setup as the Mi5 including the OIS. I’ve misread some articles. I’m afraid I don’t follow which “first generation” you’re referring to, though.

          • AtereJr

            He meant first generation as in the base version of each generation (don’t get confused).
            Like the Zuk z1 has a base (most affordable) version, then the z1 pro comes with more enhancements.
            Same with the z2, base (most affordable) version offers less (no OIS, smaller ROM), pro offers enhancements (yes OIS, bigger ROM, and more).
            Right Vmortens?

          • VMortens

            ZUK Z1 of course and I only wrote about the camera department, not about the overall phone experience.

      • Muhammad Yasir

        NICE !
        lets wait for it to drop BELOW $200 , then we’ll see 😀

        not a 5 inch guy tho , more like 5.7+ inches !
        i would prefer a 7 inch smartphone with everything packed in there but they don’t make em anymore (Zenfone 3 ULTRA is a close contender tho )

        • illystor

          If you’re not into phones of this form factor why are you getting up in arms over it not having a feature that is rarely seen in phones below 5.5inches anyway?

          And your idea of what is a reasonable upper price limit seems to have dropped $25 in a matter of days. Honestly, Muhammad, I doubt a phone will ever meet your demands. They could announce that it’s literally given away free and you’d be saying “Okay but lets wait for them to start PAYING us to take them!”

          • Muhammad Yasir

            because they’re charging good money for it and OIS should be affordable in THAT range.

            im holding off on purchases due to restrictions imposed by govt and cash. Govt is opening EVERY package being imported , regardless of label and badly inconveniencing the buyers from getting their package passed thru customs.

          • Inti Energia

            Tell me about it. I have a phone in customs for more than one month and I doubt it is ever coming out. You’d think that I was importing drugs. The state wants its pound of flesh and will do the maximum to make sure that you don’t buy anything where VAT isn’t changed at the source.

          • Muhammad Yasir

            yeah … i feel u bro !
            customs officials are truly assholes in some nations :/

  • Ven0m

    I hope the Z2 Pro also gets the ROM’s…

  • Ven0m

    but Mi5 has better Specs. The only Mi5 competitor is the Z2 Pro 64GB Version. The 6GB+128GB Version is better and beats all.

  • jimberkas

    pretty good. i wish it was a tad bigger, but I’m liking it. will wait and see if they do an international version and maybe even include US bands this time around…

  • Hakim Farouk

    OMG I’m so tempted! haha. For the price

  • Roberto Tomás

    3rd party rom brush? what does that last one say?