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Important Elephone P9000 Edge Details Revealed: CPU, RAM, Camera & Pricing

by Joe 14

It seems like a long time since we first heard about the Elephone P9000 Edge smartphone. We have been waiting for this particular device for the past few months, and up till now, we only have been hearing tid bits about the device. A few days back, we came up with some of the specs of the Eleephone P9000 Edge model and now, we have a few more pictures as well as details about the device.

elephone p9000 edge

The new bezel-less model from Elephone is confirmed to come with the Helio X25 chipset, which is the overclocked version of the deca-core Helio X20. From benchmarks, we have seen that this chip is quite powerful for an everyday flagship. Up front, the phone will feature a bezel-less 5.7-inch JDI display with 2K resolution. The company is also using an all metal design on the device, so metal lovers will definitely be happy to hear this.

Apart from this, the Elephone P9000 Edge will come with speakers with ACC tech, which produces a similar effect as the iPhone 6S and the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Further, the company seems to have given due importance to the camera at the back. The phone is said to come with dual cameras, with variable apertures and quick focus. The definition of photos will be reportedly improved by around 30%. Also, users will be able to choose a focal point after the image has been taken. There will be dual tone flash as well. Finally, the phone will come with a fingerprint enabled home button up front.

elephone p9000 edge 2

As for the versions, the P9000 Edge is supposed to come in at least two variants, one with 4GB RAM and 32GB storage and another with 6GB RAM and 128GB storage. Pricing is said to start at $250 for one of the versions, which should most likely be for the 4GB RAM version.

So, what do you think about these specs? Despite its late entry, do you think the P9000 Edge is a phone that can get your attention?


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  • The Special Juan

    Love the design. Love the specs. Will likely hate the build, flaws, software bugs, camera optimization and poor quality optics/lens

    • Adam Nazifi

      Yep, its definitely eye catching, a beast with poor build quality

  • ozkn_s

    Super super super
    bravo bravo bravo
    Perfect perfect perfect

    Must be ! Headphone jack
    battery 3500 – 4000 mah
    4gb ram 64gb rom
    Price: 270$ – 280$

    Achievements elephone

    • For that price range, I would love to buy ZUK Z2 for sure.

      • ozkn_s

        Yes, you’re right, but
        I do not trust company is lenovo
        Software support ?
        System update ?
        Android version update ?

        According to me Support does not
        He did not support any phone in the past

        • Stiven

          And you trust Elephone?

          • princetom

            Naa, just showing his view. Most time we wish elephone can deliver something good, how awesome that will be, the design looks so cool. But we never trust elephone though i use one, shame

          • ozkn_s

            Software support ?
            System update ?
            Android version update ?
            In these areas, yes, I trust
            Because they gave support in the past
            Xiaomi ulefone elephone umi

        • But Lenovo is a international company, they bought Motorola too :/ Why you trust a no name brand instead a top brand?

          • ozkn_s

            I say,lenovo

            Software support ?
            System update ?
            Android version update ?

            user in this area leave in the lurch

            Do you understand me ?
            Xiaomi ulefone elephone umi

            These brands provide continuous updates
            The important issue for me
            software updates and support , if you say it does not matter
            No problem then
            Enjoy it lenovo zuk2

  • ReggiE

    im not sure , about the NFC or the laser auto focus… but its looking good , i hope cyanogenmod come with EDGE

  • Mezz

    Nothing about the battery, the most important spec ?

  • xiaomiminote

    Like Super??? Did you fix the GPS and Camera problem with original p9000

  • Danilo Pereira

    when it will be released for the P9000 edge sales ??