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Elephone / by Dimitris Economou -

Elephone P9000 to receive Android 7.0 soon

News from Elephone today informed us that the Elephone P9000 Android 7.0 update has reached its final stage of development. It is under ongoing testing optimization before the release. According to the company, Elephone P9000 Android 7.0 is expected to get the OTA update in the middle of this…

Elephone / by Dimitris Economou -

Elephone Releases P9000 Source Code

Followed by the opening of the source code of Elephone P8000 a while back, Elephone got the approval and praise of most users and developers. For that reason, the company decided to do the same with its flagship P9000 Android 6.0 that will be open to users, something that will be a new step for the update and development of third-party ROMS. The P9000 source…