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Xiaomi Notebook Image Leaked, Looks Very Similar to the Macbook Pro

by Joe 24

For the past few months, Xiaomi has been rumored to release its first laptop in the second half of 2016. Since, today, we officially enter the second half, we are all excited to see when the new Xiaomi laptop will be officially announced. While recently, Xiaomi CEO, Lei Jun said that “he couldn’t talk about the product yet, it kind of confirms the existence of the laptop. And a few hours ago, a new alleged image of the Xiaomi laptop was leaked online.

xiaomi notebook mac pro copy

This is probably the first real and clear image of the Mi laptop that we have seen. And it does reveal a few things about the upcoming device. First of all, like expected, it looks like the Mi laptop has been heavily inspired from the Apple Macbook Pro. The all metal silver design with the Mi logo up front, is almost identical to Apple’s Macbook Pro series.

According to the previous rumors, the Xiaomi Notebook is expected to come in three display variants, 12.5-inches, 13.3-inches and a 15.6-inch model. The small display variants are expected to hit the market first. The specs are expected to be high-end and the pricing should be aggressive as well. The company is said to target the young generation with this new laptop, unlike Huawei, who was targeting the business users with its new Matebook convertible.

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The Xiaomi Notebook is expected to release in Summer this year, sometime in the month of September. We haven’t got an official confirmation of the product yet, but for now, the CEO’s comment on this matter is good enough to confirm that the laptop exists and is in development.


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  • Muhammad Yasir

    PLEASE BE ABLE TO RUN AAA GAMES at FHD on ULTRA settings with 60 fps stable !

    • Mateus Marta

      This kind of computers are not made to play games. Sorry.

      • Muhammad Yasir

        then WHAT good is a Mi Notebook with win 10 ?!

        if they can;t give ASUS ROG a run for their money then why make notebooks at all ?!

        • Mateus Marta

          Computer are not just made to play games

          • Muhammad Yasir

            i know … but Mi has to tap that market as well.

    • NextHype

      still dreaming xD

      • Muhammad Yasir

        ikr 😀

    • LOL nice bait

      • Muhammad Yasir

        except that it WASNT a bait

    • Ionut Johnny

      I spent almost 2000 $ for my gaming MSI laptop and I don’t regret it.

    • ilham yarachman

      many site said xiaomi notebook can run vr , or vr ready.

      • Muhammad Yasir

        can u please tell me some links to those sites?

  • pa5t1s

    Really cool 🙂 I was waiting for such a nice laptop for ages. Let’s hope it won’t cost as much as a MacBook :S

  • it would be amazing if they have managed to take a look over at tonymac and made it a hackintosh compatible specification! my macbook is still fairly decent specs but a few years old, be good to have a cheap backup machine.

  • paranoid_gr

    If there is option to install Linux distro at least I am already preordering.So lets hope it doesnt come with a MIUI based desktop interface.

    • balcobomber25

      I hope it does come with a MIUI interface. I can get one of 1000 laptops that look like this, with similar specs that run Linux. I want something unique from Xiaomi.

      • hgecko

        How can a MacBook rip-off ever be unique?

        • balcobomber25

          The Macbook itself is a rip off but it is still unique.

      • pa5t1s

        I’ve read Windows somewhere…

        • paranoid_gr

          if Windows are available it means we can also boot linux.Sounds great then…:)

        • balcobomber25

          More than likely is given the recent relationship between Xiaomi and Msoft.

      • paranoid_gr

        I meant that I wanted not only MIUI interface but to give the option of choosing your own OS.I would like a Linux distro Ubuntu/Arch that really also helps me with my work.If only MIUI is available then the laptop is limited to backup and only entertainment purposes.

  • Hiwyx

    We all guessed they would find inspiration in apple design but I didn’t expect they would copy it that hard. Good they changed the logo at least.

  • ull

    the most likely linux distribution (if there was a dual boot available) would be an android X86 with MIUI, that would be a good thing for xiaomi. It would have been even better if xiaomi and other chineese brands would have produced a linux based os. Tizen is open source, and could be used, as it isn’t concentrated on samsung like android is. There may be some chineese os available but maybe too soon.
    For the futur, it will be interesting to see what chineese brands will do with intel pc processors. China is progressing really fast in MIPS processors.

    At last, i hope the picture is a fake. i prefer a xiaomi laptop with a more specific design