Two New Xiaomi Models Spotted, New Redmis Coming ?

by androidbrick 0

Xiaomi seems to be releasing new Redmi models every few months. In June, the company unveiled two new Redmi models, the Redmi 3S and the Redmi 3X (carrier version of the 3S). Now, we might have just spotted two more Redmi variants.


Two new models with code numbers 2,016,020 and 2,016,021 are seen at National Quality Certification Center’s website in China. Both are equipped with 5V/2A charger specifications and dated for 29th June. Judging this info, we might say these are probably the new Redmi series models, or maybe new variants of the Xiaomi Max series with 2GB RAM options.

xiaomi new phones


For now, there is no announcement from Xiaomi about these phones, let’s see what will come up in the next days.


Over 100 million shipments for Xiaomi’s Redmi series.