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Xiaomi Phones (Qualcomm models): How To Flash Global Multilanguage ROM + Mega UNBRICK Guide

by androidbrick 65

Editor’s Note:

Gizmochina has been increasing its efforts providing you the latest smartphone news and reviews from China. But you probably want a lot more than just news. We understand that and hence, we are starting a new series on the website for our readers: Chinese Android ROOT/ ROM Flash/ UNBRICK / Tips & tricks tutorials. We hope that these step by step tutorials will come in handy for our readers from around the globe to flash new ROMs and unbrick their bricked smartphones safely. You can anytime comment below with questions, suggestions or requests and we (specifically OSMAN aka AndroidBrick who is our and your Pro Android tech guy) will try our best to answer these questions.



As you may guess from this article’s headline, our first guide will be to learn flashing global stable ROM to Xiaomi devices. Because of the nature of this method, this will be also an UNBRICK guide, and I will explain about this later in the article. The phone that we will working on in this guide is Xiaomi’s latest flagship Mi5.


Before we begin, for device drivers to install without a problem, and to install drivers that are not digitally signed, we are going to disable Windows driver enforcement. To do this :

  1. Click the Start Start menu and select Settings.
  2. Click Update and Security.
  3. Click on Recovery.
  4. Click Restart now under Advanced Startup.
  5. Click Troubleshoot.
  6. Click Advanced options.
  7. Click Startup Settings.
  8. Click on Restart.
  9. On the Startup Settings screen press 7 or F7 to disable driver signature enforcement.

Your computer will restart and you will be able to install non-digitally signed drivers. Keep in mind that, if you restart your computer again the driver signature enforcement will be re-enabled.


Second, we need to install adb on our computers, and for that we will use a program called “adb setup“, thanks to Snoop05 from XDA-Developers, this will enable adb and fastboot commands to work on our systems. It will also install necessary adb drivers. There are many ways to do that but what is more important about Snoop05’s solution is that we can use adb and fastboot commands system-wide, this means our old “command prompt” will turn to accept this commands, and no need to work in the “adb” folder like we used to before.



Last step, before we begin our guide is to enable “USB debugging” on our phone. In this example, the Xiaomi Mi5. Talking about USB debugging, I strongly advice to all users out there, please do “enable” USB debugging as first thing and keep it that way, don’t turn it off. I am saying this so that you can avoid future problems. I mean in some bricks, this can be because of a wrong app setup, or it can be because of a false rooting way or even non-user related OTA update. Having USB debugging open is very crucial to rescue our phones from such disasters. Just keep this in mind, I will explain more in the future.




On Xiaomi phones to enable USB debugging, go to settings> about phone, and click “MIUI version” couple of times till you see “you are a developer” message. Then back to settings>Additional settings>Developer opitons>USB debugging, click it and allow. Now its time to connect our phones to computer, plug the USB cable. Your system will install “adb” drivers. Now open command prompt and type :

adb devices

Look at your phone for the “Allow USB debugging?” message, select “Always allow from this computer” and click OK. If you forget to allow from phone, the command will return “unauthorized“, if OK you will see your phone as “device” and we are ready to start our guide.

adb devices


This guide is for locked bootloaders, so no need to wait for the unlocking procedure to flash this official ROM. For unlocked bootloaders the method is almost the same, I’ll explain it too.





Mi5 Global Stable MIUI

Xiaomi MiFlash Flashing Software

Let’s download those two. First link is our ROM, second is our Xiaomi’s Miflash FLASH tool. Before we install Miflash to our computer, open the command prompt and type this command :

adb reboot edl



This command will reboot our Mi5 to “Qualcomm HS-USB Qdloader” mode, this is Qualcomm’s service port on most Snapdragon based phones. Your phone will be completely dark, so nothing will be seen on the screen, and this is very normal. Here, we will use this port to flash our ROM, and you may see this port in some “bricked” situations too — for instance, if you have accidently corrupted some important partitions. So as you may guess now, this method can be used for unbricking our Qualcomm Snapdragon-based Xiaomi Mi5s too. If you face that kind of brick you can use this guide to rescue your phone, you will just have to change the ROM, rest will be the same. For Xiaomi, rescue ROMs are called “fastboot” ROMS and you can find them under this link :

In my computer, all drivers are installed. Your PC will have a new unknown device under device manager after you reboot your phone to EDL (emergency download mode). Ignore it and start to setup Miflash that you downloaded, Miflash will install necessary drivers to your system , so don’t forget to choose “Install this driver software anyway” option when it asks, twice, and after it finishes you will see a new port named Qualcomm HS-USB Qdloader 9008 in your device manager too. The driver path will be “C:\Program Files (x86)\Xiaomi\MiPhone\Qualcomm\Driver”, in case you want/need to install your drivers again.



After you see your new EDL port, open the Miflash itself. Click “refresh” button and you’ll see your port there. Then click “Browse” and choose your downloaded ROM folder please (unzip it before you that). It will look like this :


As you can see in above picture, there are some options under the Miflash window. “Flash all“, “Flash all except storage” and “Flash all except data and storage“. If you want to wipe everything on your phone and do a clean flash choose first option, or if you want to keep your data in your storage (like pictures or What’s App folder etc), choose the second option. When you are ready click “flash” button.



It took 155 seconds for me to flash our new rom, this is my computer of course,  and I wonder how long it will take on your PCs. Let’s compare and leave a comment. You can ask anything you want in comments, I will try to answer them all. After you see “The operation completed successfully” under “Status” section press your phone’s power button and boot it up. If you unplug the USB cable before it finishes you will brick your phone !

But, remember what I told before, don’t panic, unbricking procedure is the same — just repeat all the above steps again.

NOTE: For unlocked bootloaders, every step is the same, except, you don’t need to boot your Xiaomi to EDL/Qualcomm HS-USB Qdloader 9008 mode,  just reboot your phone in “fastboot” mode while pressing “volume down -“ button while you are powering it. Then repeat Miflash steps again.

If you are in a bricked situation and you can’t boot your Xiaomi Mi5 except for fastboot mode — In this case, we have another fastboot command that will help us to unbrick our phone, just type this command in command prompt :

fastboot oem edl

Your phone will boot in EDL mode again, rest is the same as mentioned above.


Remember that I have told you to leave “USB debugging” on, no matter what? Let me explain it now. In case you bricked your phone and it does not boot normally, or in case your phone is stuck at the Mi logo and you don’t have “fastboot mode” either. Check your device manager for “ADB  Interface”. If it’s there, just use this guide, starting from “adb reboot edl” command step and rest is the same. Now you see why leaving USB debugging “on” is so important ? This little trick can save us our phone back in just 155 seconds !



You can use this method for every Qualcomm Snapdragon-based Xiaomi phone including your Redmi Note 3 Pro (SD) or Redmi 3 / Pro etc., except for the “fastboot oem edl” command, this command will only work on some new Xiaomi phones.

See you in the next “How To” article.

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  • dave bryson

    so is this the same for a redmi note 3 pro/prime SD version??

    • androidbrick

      Exactly, just download your variant’s fastboot rom from the link i shared, rest is the same.

      • dave bryson


      • marrtin

        Hi,every time when i flesh intopMi5 multilinguage rom for fastboot, that phone remains in edl mode. I can switch phone into fastboot and then i type “fastboot reboot” in cmd, but phone restart into fastboot again. I tried this procedure on several computers, but result is same – phone is stuck in fastboot/edl mode no matter what. Any advice?



        • androidbrick

          Did you tried flashing both in edl and fastboot mode ? Rom flashing results without any error as i understand is this right ? Which rom are you trying to flash, and which version of Windows are you using ?

          • JayP

            Hi. My mi5 doesn’t enter on EDL mode via ADB command. Any tip?


        • androidbrick

          Did you charged the phone after flashing ? Sometimes battery is full empty and phone cant boot up even you flash without any error.

        • androidbrick

          We need to correct something here, fastboot mode and EDL mode are not the same, very different modes.

      • George G

        Why should he download the variant fastboot rom, i thought fastboot rom is used when you have a bricked device?!?!For a normal working phone dont you just flash the rom from the first link of step 3?

  • Bility

    Can this work on cyanogen? Because my ZUK Z1 has stopped working

    • androidbrick

      Stopped working = Qualcomm 9008 port or ? More info please.

      • Bility

        The error message am getting is that “SD card failed” as a result the fingerprint scanner is not working and if I try to setup fingerprint security once I touch the sensor the phone will vibrate continuously until the battery runs out and during this time I can not perform any other task on the phone. And if I restart the phone sometime it up to 24 hours for the phone boot up.

        • androidbrick

          Try to boot into EDL mode like i described in the article, “adb reboot edl”, if you can let me know i will guide you to flash factory rom to your Zuk Z1.

          • Bility

            Thank u so much for doing this and yes I would like u to pls guide me to flash factory rom

          • androidbrick

            You are wellcome, ok then our next how to guide will be about flashing Zuk’s + Lenovo’s, so every owner of these brands can be informed.

          • Bility

            So when can we look forward to the next”how to guide on ZUK?

          • androidbrick

            In a couple of days.

          • Bility

            Looking forward to it, pls lemme know as soon as it’s up

          • Joe

            Hi @BILITY:disqus, the new guide for ZUK phones by @androidbrick:disqus is up. Check out on our website

          • Bility

            Hi Joe, I tried this guide but every time I get to the command prompt and type adb and devices I get this error message “access denied” what am I doing wrong?

          • androidbrick

            Try key comination to open the Qualcomm service port as i described in the Lenovo article please, you dont need adb in that method.

  • andy

    can this work on Xiaomi note pro ?

    • androidbrick

      Of course, its a Snapdragon model too

  • Mik Kard


    When I do the adb reboot edl, it start the phone again. Do not go to edl.
    I went also to fastboot, entered to miflash and tried to flash the rom but it gives me “Unspecified error (0xffffffff:)
    Finally I tried through fastboot to to fastboot oem edl but it says FAIL
    Please advice.

    • androidbrick

      Your phone’s bootloader is locked or unlocked ?

      • sasa

        i dont know

  • ohad

    hi, after i flash this global multilanguage ROM by using this mega UNBRICK guide, will it support all languages including hebrew? and will i be able to do future software updates (like the miui 8)?

    • androidbrick

      Yes these are official roms, no problem will be on OTA updates.

      • androidbrick

        Hebrew is in the language options too yes “עִברִית”

  • George G

    Hi androidbrick, i habe a xiaomi note 3 pro (snapdragon).Android os 5.1.1 LMY47V , MIUI 7.1/ stable already answered that this guide will work with this phone, is that correct:? What android version will be installed with this rom?I did send a request to xiaomi so i can root my phone and i em waiting now for the code.I also use win7 64bit will i have a problem with “disable Windows driver enforcement”? And one last thing i see here people trying to install the rom and getting errors.Heping them solving the problem might be also helpful for other people(of course the solution has to been posted here).Thank you.

  • Paan

    Hello and thank you for the guide. I think it’s a simple way to flash an original Rom on Mi5. Mi Mi5 has a fake reseller Rom (, so I don’t receive updates. I tried to install the global rom 7.5.1 according to your guide, but It didn’t work. The rom can not be installed because of an error, when unzipped (see picture). Can anybody help me?

    • androidbrick

      I’m using winrar to unzip rom files, first time seeing this error to be honest. Whats your operating system ? Im always downloading fastboot roms from that link and never had an issue before. You are welcome.

    • androidbrick

      file extension should be .tgz, yours .tar

  • George G

    I flashed the latest global stable with this guide after some trys.Now i have some battery drain thats not normal.Before with all things closed wifi,gps,etc and without using the phone 1%battery in 4-5 hours.Now 4-5% battery in 1 hour!!!Any suggestion what do i have to look for?Thank you.

    • androidbrick

      İs your Mi5 still locked or unlocked ?

      • George G

        redmi note 3 pro i got, and i unlocked when i received the green light from xiaomi.In the meanwhile i flashed several version but most have wakelock problem even the latest.So i got back to 7.3.2 this version gave only once trouble so far and there for the battery life is as expected very goodand i kept it.Xiaomi needs to take care of these wakelock problems, and would like to see the lite mode also on newer versions.

  • JayP

    Hi. My mi5 doesn’t enter on EDL mode via ADB command. Any tip?


    • androidbrick

      More info please, locked or unlocked ?
      Tried fastboot command ?

      • JayP

        Hi, thanks..

        Locked…tried the fastboot command too and nothing work.

        The phone appears on the prompt as a device (using the adb devices command), but when I type the reboot commands the device reboots normally, not on EDL mode.

        • androidbrick

          So probably they locked this commands in newer roms, which version of rom does your Mi5 came with ? When Mi5 first entered the market fastboot command “fastboot oem edl” was working, if not, from adb, now you say they are not working both ways, thank you Xiaomi.

          • JayP


            MIUI 7.5 – v7.5.7..

            Yeah…that`s what i was thinking… I’ll ask to unlock my bootloader…I thinks it’s gonna be a lot easier,,

            Thanks for your help and for the great tutorial…

          • androidbrick

            You are Wellcome. Unlocking will be around a week – 10 days, good luck.

          • androidbrick

            There is a solution, just tested it myself, to open EDL port no matter what rom you have 🙂 Interested ?

          • JayP

            Yeah… How does it work?


          • androidbrick

            Contact me from my facebook please, cant copy paste some links here.

          • subrata

            whats your facebook id link? i wanna contact with you

  • Carolyn Green

    Can you provide a video on the process you have done on the blog you have state above.

    • androidbrick

      Can be, but before that, which part seems confusing ? Maybe i can help here too.

  • Yimu

    Couldn’t install v1.4.3 of 3-in-1 installer, but managed to install the older version 1.3. I got stuck at step 2 when typing adb devices in command prompt. I get “adb’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file” error. Searched and seems it something to do with SDK? could anyone advise please?

  • Amrullah Shabri

    Hi, i tried these steps. And after finished flashing my Xiomi Note 3 pro just load to MI logo.
    I tried to flash again, but adb couldnt recognise my device since it’s not in USB debugging with the previous flashing stuckedd. Need Help Please.


  • Kashif Shamaun

    Thanks. It worked for me on Mi 5.

  • Akash Singh


    My phone is bricked. The phone starts in fastboot mode. However, when I try to flash all except storage, it always reports an error of missed hello packet and progress doesn’t happen. Also, log ends with same error. In the bottom left, it shows device busy. Can you help? Thanks.

  • Robinson Montejo Soler
  • K

    Hello, if the phone is completely dead, no charging, no nothing, the phone recognized as an unknown USB unit, no possibility to update the driver for USB either, no way to enter fastboot mode.
    Is the trick to use the testpoints ?

  • burnd

    I tried it but when i start the flashing in Download mode the phone boots normaly after 5-10 seconds. What do i wrong? Redmi 2 TD. Stock Rom and also i have a problem with “Encryption unsuccessful”.

  • Sofiane

    Hi, I have already test your tuto for mi5S, but I mistake, I choosen le ROM Mi5s Plus and now I have a Mi5s with rom Mi5s PLUS, I want to retry de manipulation but impossible to be in edl mode. When I push ” adb reboot edl ” my phone just restart… What can I do ?

  • Naayaa

    Hi. i’m trying to boot global stable ROM to new locked mi5 with china stable rom. But qualcom driver shows didn’t recongnized on device manager. It’s showing “This device is cannot start (code 10)”

  • A_A

    Hello, YOU ARE THE BEST. I got Mi 5 with fake MIUI and it gave me hell, bloatwares, pop up advertisments, it even installed apps in the background without permission. Long story short, i tried everything and it did not work for me until i tried your method with EDL, it worked like a charm.
    Thank you very much and wish you the best.

  • Vlaho Mozara

    Hello! I had some fake room on Mi5 with locked bootloader. This guide saved my day, it was very simple proces with this guide, update took 148 seconds and first power on of the phone took about 10 minutes. Thanks!!!

  • Thanks

  • Waleed Aftab

    Got the Mi5 with fake rom and locked bootloader, tried this method and it work perfectly, took 183s to complete and approx 2mins to boot, now I have official global rom. Thanks a lot for your great work, highly appreciated.

  • JJ Sweep

    worked perfectly to move my mi5 from the fake to the official global rom in approx 170s, thanks!!

  • The One And Only Me

    Perfect. Thanks a lot. (Mi5 China to Global ROM) 125 secs. Please add to your tutorial that users has to rename the downloaded image to .zip and extract it again after unzipping the tgz file.

  • Sajith

    Not working for Mi3 MIUI 8

    no device found message coming, COM port not showing

  • YK Teo

    i have successfully flashed the latest Rom V8.5.2.0 with the latest MiFlash 201612220. after flash done, the phone still cannot turn on… anybody can help???