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OnePlus Unveils Bullets V2 Earphones with Better Optimised Audio

by Jed John 9

OnePlus has unveiled a YouTube video on its Twitter handle announcing its latest earphones tagged OnePlus Bullets V2 earphones. The video is just over a minute long and it gives insight of how the earphones will look as well as the features it comes with. OnePlus had released a video trailer a few days back teasing a August 25 launch for a new product which we had thought could be the second generation Icon In-ear earphones but turns out this one is the next gen OnePlus Bullets earphones.

OnePlus Bullets V2 earphones

The OnePlus Bullets V2 earphones weigh just 2 grams and has silicon earbuds which is available in various sizes, all inside the box. OnePlus claims that this second-gen Bullets earphones are better optimized for reproducing sound. An inline remote and mic, along with music controls and a toggle to answer calls are also present. The earphones also feature a 1.25 meters flat cable wires which connect it to the smartphone via the 3.5mm audio jack.

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The Bullets V2 earphones will be available in Black Mix and White Remix colors and the price seems to have been set at $19.95 on OnePlus’ official website, even though the earphones are not available yet.

You can check out the Bullets V2 introduction video from down below.


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  • Muhammad Yasir

    too expensive

    • Nam Dang

      20$ too expensive?
      My cheapest headphone is 200€, most expensive is around 1k $ lol

      • Beloved Chairman Lei Jun

        Better get Xiaomi Piston Hyprid headphones, cost ony 99RMB (15$) and have better quality than these overpriced OnePlus Headphones.

        • Ivo001

          Did you try these Oneplus headhpones already then? Pistons are great value, but I doubt it that you could have compared these already.

          • Beloved Chairman Lei Jun

            Oneplus Headphones can in no way mach the quality of Xiaomi (1More) Piston headphones….Read the reviews pls

          • Faisal Shaharyar

            common dude these one have not been reviewed yet so how can you say that mi hybrid is better than these…. lets wait for the review

      • Muhammad Yasir

        $20 = 2500 PKR :p

        i knew u were rich :p

        • Nam Dang

          Not rich, just a real audiophile user haha

          • Muhammad Yasir