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Meizu (M3) Max Will Have a mPen Stylus, Helio P20, and cost 1799 Yuan

by Habeeb Onawole 8

Meizu’s upcoming phone, the M3 Max has been revealed to be the first phone in the world to launch with Mediatek’s Helio P20 processor. The processor which was announced at MWC 2016 has support for all networks and is the first 16nm processor from the chip maker.

Helio P20

The Helio P20 is an octa-core processor (8 x Cortex-A53) with a maximum clock speed of 2.3GHz and a 900MHz Mali-T880 MP2 GPU. Mediatek says it offers a 20% upgrade in performance over the Helio P10.

Meizu’s alliance with Mediatek for the M3 Max appears to want to take-on the Xiaomi Mi Max which uses a Snapdragon 650/652 from Qualcomm. If you remember, Qualcomm and Meizu aren’t best of friends at the moment.

Meizu M3 Max price

It has also been revealed that the Meizu (M3) Max will have a 64GB version with a stylus called the mPen. This new version will cost 1999 Yuan ($299) while the 32GB version which will not have a stylus will retain the 1799 Yuan ($269) price tag. We don’t know how the stylus will work as no further details have been released. So the question is if it be pressure sensitive like that of the Samsung Note series or if it will just be a regular plain stylus?

Xiaomi’s Mi Max is still well priced at 1499 Yuan ($230) for the 3GB + 32GB SD 650 version, 1699 Yuan ($260) for the 3GB + 64GB SD 652 version, and 1999 Yuan ($307) for the 4GB + 128GB version. If the M3 Max wants to take on the Mi Max, Meizu needs to offer a more competitive price.

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  • markiz

    This stands no chance than. More expensive, with 8xA53, weak cores.

  • Adam Nazifi

    If they make their m-pen similar to the s-pen, maybe they will nail it

  • Muhammad Yasir

    pricing is shit … as usual

  • Plus

    Helio P20 looks tempting

  • Assefa Hanson

    good a diffrenciated product from meizu this year

  • This is quite steep as the P20 will still offer less performance than the SD625 powered devices on the market.
    Again the SD650 and 652 will perform much better when gaming and dealing with heavy 3D apps.

  • Rob

    Another poor chip from MTK, with Qualcomm offering A72 cores in its midrange, why are MT still only giving weak A53 cores? Add to this another weak GPU offering and we have a chip that 2 generations on from the X10 still can’t match it in performance! MT really need to up the ante, especially with GPU if they really want to start competing in the mid range as they are really only competitive in the low end which is where they were at a couple of years ago. They seem to have gone backwards this year with their product releases.

  • We surely got trolled by Meizu again. Now I’m willing to bet that the Exynos SoC for the Pro 6S is also just a rumor to hype up the phone and boom! It will probably release with either a P20 or another Mediatek SoC. Tired of seeing Meizu pull this off every time.