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Xiaomi CEO Posts More Camera Samples of Mi 5S (UPDATE: More Images Added)

by Habeeb Onawole 12

The CEO of Xiaomi posted the first camera sample of the Mi 5s yesterday. Today, he has uploaded two more pictures on his weibo page taken with the new device.

The same rules from yesterday’s picture applies to the new ones. The pictures are original and no filters were used to enhance their outcome.

The first picture is of an iceberg and the camera does a great job in capturing its reflection as well. The second picture appears to have been shot in a canyon. You can see the lines left by the wind on the surface of the rocks very clearly.

xiaomi-mi-5s-camera-sample-03 xiaomi-mi-5s-camera-sample-02

xiaomi-mi-5s-camera-sample-04 xiaomi-mi-5s-camera-sample-05 xiaomi-mi-5s-camera-sample-06

What do you think of these new pictures of the Mi 5s? Will the phone be able to hold its own against other dual camera phones like the Huawei P9, LG G5, and the iPhone 7 Plus?

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Tuesday is the official launch day for the Xiaomi Mi 5s (and possibly Mi 5s Plus as well). It will feature Qualcomm’s snapdragon 821 chip and under-glass fingerprint scanner and pricing will start at $300.

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  • Jack Wong

    How many of us has been to those places… -.-

    • willy

      Has this phone ACTUALLY been to those places?

  • Muhammad Yasir

    its going to be revolutionary for Xiaomi !

  • Assefa Hanson

    the camera that took this took some nice pictures, now where are the pictures taken with the mi5s??

  • LinkWii777

    Wow, Mi photography

  • Frank Wu

    Hard to believe these come from the 5S! They are taken by professionals that’s for sure and maybe post processed!


    is it just me or the sharpness is just horrible(average,not expected from flagship!)

    • divis200

      Lol… You expect sharpness from a picture uploaded in weibo? Images in social websites are downscaled to reduce size. Don’t pretend to know anything about cameras if you don’t even know this.


        I never said i am expert in cameras…as a consumer i am entitled for products with better specs..and as far as weibo norms are concerned,do you think that i have nothing else to do whole day??? its like knowing some very nerdy thing and expecting whole world to know it…and even after seeing full size camera samples (EXIF raw) i am not impressed

  • Carlos

    Could it be 1.7 or 1.8 f/ aperture?

  • It’s as realistic to think that the Mi5s will cost $99 as it is to think, that these pictures were taken by a phone. There is a reason why they publish them on Weibo and not on Picasa or Flickr.