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Two New LeEco Smartphone Models Rumored To Be Coming in November

by Jed John 17

With the recent release of the flagship LeEco Le Pro 3, one would have assumed that LeEco would likely be done for new phone releases for the year, but that seems not to be the case as the Chinese phone maker is rumored to be working on two new smartphones. The unnamed phone models are said to likely launch in November.


Recall that before the Le Pro 3’s release the smartphone was rumored to feature a design in which the antenna bands are not visible at the back. We saw renders of what was thought to be the Le Pro 3 without visible antenna bands just like the iPhone 7’s design. However such was not the case when the flagship was finally released late last year. That of course means the device in question is yet to be outed. In addition to that, a LeEco device with funny looking dual rear cameras appeared on TENAA some time back and tipped to be the likely design of the Le Pro 3’s cameras but that too ended up not becoming a reality.

leecoRender of the front view of one of the smartphones appeared today on Weibo along with the rumor of two impending smartphones popping in November. The render (pictured below) shows a device with very narrow bezels on the display edges and the display itself looks like it is sporting a curved screen. Apart from these, nothing else is known about the specifications of the rumored models but it sure looks like LeEco is preparing to wow us with another spectacular device or two soon. We’ll be on the look out for more information on this.



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  • Hm, interesting. There should be a Le 3 Max or S coming soon, hoping no borders around the display this time.

    • Muhammad Yasir

      hopefully them black borders will be a thing of the past in the le eco lineup

      BUT what i don’t get is , what is the REASON for including those borders ?! is it some sort of technical constraint ? they don’t do it just for fun , do they ?

      • Cuts production costs. That way they can offer a premium hardware package, while skipping a bit on looks.

        • Muhammad Yasir

          ohh … so removing black borders is a bit costly.


          • It just speeds up production and cuts cost at the same time because it skips a process or two before forming the entire headset.
            Didn’t you even wonder why lots of Chinese phones always have these borders? 🙂

          • Muhammad Yasir

            i wondered .. but it wasn’t uptill now that i sought to uncover the chief reason behind their widely accepted inclusion in MAJORITY of product designs and eventual implementations..

        • bro-reac

          Seriously I don’t think so.
          How does Xiaomi and Zuk do it and still keep the costs low?

          • LeEco phones are always a bit cheaper than Xiaomi, and ZUK has a lower class camera.
            As I recall Le2 Max arrived as the cheapest(by some margin) SD820 device, and Xiaomi Mi5 and Zuk 2 followed later on(SoC and productions cots lower if you don`t wan to beat the market )
            Now Le 3 Pro also has a top class Sony Sensor, 2K display and the newest SD installed at a much lower price than say Zenfone 3 Deluxe(only launched phone with SD821 so far)

    • Jh1

      Off topic, but looking forward to seeing your thoughts on the redmi pro. Thanks for the nice review of the cool1.

      • G’n’T

        Agree. The 64Gb version looks really good and being a Redmi hopefully the price will stay down as well.

      • Couldn’t get one then, every seller lied about availability, as no-one had it for months.
        Just gave up and ordered the cool1 when it became available.
        If I get a hold of one soon, I will definitely do a review on it.
        Stay tuned to my channel I still have Xiaomi Redmi Note 4, LeEco Le 2 Pro reviews coming very soon.

        • Jh1

          Have you had a chance to use the redmi note 3 pro? How would you compare that camera to the cool1 cam?

          • Depends, Cool1 camera is specially design to get great Macro shots, for a landscape shot it`s about as good as any phone in that price range.
            Also, the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 just launched and it`s camera is very good.
            I`ll do a review next week.

  • José Rodrigues

    The leEco android update is as good as Xiaomi?

    • AtereJr

      Tell me, have u received any update on your LeEco device (i’m assuming u have one, after seeing your comment) since u got it.
      PS: (forget the black borders) its the only thought keeping me from saving for a LeEco machine.

      • Lucius Dante

        I dont think leco cares about software they just make phones, just that…

        • AtereJr

          Wow! thanks.