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Qualcomm Vs Meizu: Chip Maker Sues in France, Germany, and the USA

by Habeeb Onawole 10

A few months ago, Qualcomm sued Meizu in China for patent infringements related to its 4G and 3G technologies. The chip maker sued Meizu for 520 million Yuan but the last we heard about the matter was that the phone maker wanted to settle out of court. But apparently, the case has not been settled as Qualcomm have taken the battle to North America and Europe by suing them in the United States, France and Germany.


Qualcomm’s executive Vice-President and general counsel, Don Rosenberg, said Meizu refused to negotiate in good faith with the company. And they can’t turn a blind eye to Meizu’s sale and distribution of products infringing on their patents, hence the reason for taking legal action to protect their patent rights.

Meizu has released no official statement in relation to the matter but an outcome such as payment of royalties or something more serious like a ban preventing them from selling their products will spell doom for them.

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Qualcomm have filed their complaints at the US International Trade Commission, the Mannheim Regional Court, and initiated an infringement-seizure action in France.

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  • Fox Hunter

    This is nonsense, Meizu does not use Qualcomm products, they are using Mediatek, Sony and Samsung products. Qualcomm is bullying smaller companies, it is nothing but a patent troll. Qualcomm go to hell!! I support Meizu!!

    • Genko

      Yeah right, you must know. Who needs international trade agreements, courts and millions of dollars of fees for lawyers when there are experts like you.

      • Fox Hunter

        I know Meizu does not use Qualcomm products. What next? do i pay Apple for using Microsoft products? Or do i pay Toyota for using Ford products? Next thing you will tell me i have to pay HP Kodak or Nikon for using Xiaomi products. Or maybe i have to pay Qualcomm now for buying cookies made by Oreo or soup made by Campbells. Get real. Boycott Qualcomm! support Meizu!

        • hushuser101

          You are so naive, there’s a difference between patents and products. If you have a car and I wanted to use it, what would you expect me to do? Would you want me to just come and take it…which is called stealing, or come ask you for permission to use it?

          • lildwell

            What property are they using? They are using mediateks chips.

          • Karly Johnston

            Not sure but QC owns thousands of patents.

          • hushuser101

            Dude do your research before you comment. Meizu doesn’t deny that they are using Qualcomm patents. Their problem is that they think they are being treated unequally. The fact that Meizu wanted to settle out of court should indicate to you that they are pleading guilty. And by the way Mediatek chips use Qualcomm patents which relate to LTE, UMTS, GSM, CDMA etc…you get the picture.

          • lildwell

            Which is the reason why the guy called them patent trolls. Like how apple sued Samsung because they patented the electronic rectangle. Patent laws are fucked at best. Qualcomms actions are blatant anti competition practices and they are trying to monopolize the chip segment. Your analogy about someone stealing your car doesn’t apply here.

          • hushuser101

            Here we go again, the guy said that Meizu didn’t use Qualcomm products. That’s the bottom line. Your argument is for another topic. Read before you comment. For your sake, you want to tell me if am a music producer and someone jacks my tunes I can’t sue them if they don’t pay me any royalties? Coz you do realize there’s something called royalties, if you use my stuff you gotta pay for it. So if patent laws are fucked up then royalty laws are fucked up.

  • NextHype

    That should be the worst year ever for Meizu, crappy phone sells and lawsuits.
    And still no Exynos phone ^^