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New Xiaomi Mi Note 2 Leaked Images Reveal A True Bezel-less Design, Similar To Sharp Aquos Crystal

by Joe 18

Xiaomi’s CEO, Lei Jun has confirmed that the Mi Note 2 exists and this has led to the flood of numerous leaks about the device. We have already seen a working prototype of a flexible display smartphone from Xiaomi, alleged to be the Mi Note 2. Today, we have got some new images and renders of the Mi Note 2, this time featuring a true bezel-less display, on all the four sides. In fact, the phone looks a lot like the Sharp Aquos Crystal model which was released a few years back.

mi note 2 bezel-less

There are both, real life images as well as renders of this bezel-less smartphone. The phone is indeed without any significant borders on any side and it is possible that the display is supplied by Sharp. Because of its design, the phone looks great, however, we couldn’t find a camera on the top, which is not a practical design in this age, considering how users are obsessed with selfies.

mi note 2 bezel-less 02

Apart from the real life images, there are a couple of renders of the device as well. They reveal a simple yet elegant design language, with no bezels on any side, even eliminating the physical home button. However, it’s possible that the fingerprint sensor is located on the front, below the display, if it’s a Qualcomm 3D Sense Ultrasonic sensor.

This bezel-less design seems much more plausible than the flexible display design that we saw a couple of days back. Just a few minutes ago we reported that the Mi Note 2 could use curved OLED panels supplied by LG. The earlier report said that the display would be curved but this design is a lot different than what we anticipated.

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To be honest, this design looks good, but the Mi Note 2 is probably not going to feature such a bezel-less look. Something more practical would be a curved display design, similar to the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

Since the CEO has confirmed the phone’s existence, we can expect the Mi Note 2 to release in the coming few weeks.


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  • Vuong

    really nice @@

  • hamaidx

    crap – Unreal – Sharp would have made it themselves rather than giving this screen tech to so called Mi –

    • NextHype

      Sharp already made it and it wasn’t a success story. Why not selling this tech to a company that can make it right this time, if Sharp is taking a % on the sell ?

      • lildwell

        I’d rather have 20′ of $1000000 that 100% of nothing.

  • napoleonic sp007rz

    How do you even make a call with such phone? Lmao, are people that gullible?

    • Dels

      do you know sharp aquos crystal? it used screen to transfer wave into our ear (something like that), maybe this was same

    • Assefa Hanson

      dont call people gullible to feel better about your ignorance, you dont need speakers to listen if you didnt know go read up on bone conduction, on a phone like this you can hear sound no matter where you put your ears on the phones screen

    • JVD

      they could place the speaker on the top or side instead of on the front? or like the others said, the same principle as the Sharp Aquos. If you think the speaker can only be placed on the front, maybe you’re the one who’s gullible…

  • Arefin

    I don’t think it’s real.

    • Чубака Иванович

      It’s real, but what we see is Sharp Aquos Crystal with power button on the top

  • PietroSoft

    This… Is… Not… Real.

  • NextHype

    Looks like the future of smartphones.

    And it shouldn’t be so difficult to hide the front cam sensor under the glass with a portion becoming fully transparent when the sensor is activated. They already found how to use the screen as a loudspeaker so this shouldn’t be a problem ^^

    It could be in mass production really soon, unless they’re waiting for Apple to make the first move toward this direction…

  • LinkWii777

    I hope this real… I love Xiaomi, Best china company ever.

  • Rob

    I love the look of these bezeless designs and am quite happy not to have a front cam as I don’t go in for any of this selfie nonsense. My only concern is it’s fragility as I’m prone to dropping phones and I doubt this would last me more than a week before ending up in 100’s of pieces!

    • Assefa Hanson

      im super doubt that render at the bottom will be real i think it will have the exact same housing as the sharp crystal aquous but man if this phone is a reality having no bottom bezel either even if it costs 900 dollars i dont know how id find the money but i will have it XD

  • Assefa Hanson

    they could make the selfie camera on the top of the phone bezels, similarly how most large screen phones have camera motion trackers at the top

  • Rick

    Fake.. Phones need a front facing camera for video calls, period.

  • Rick Bueno

    Xiaomi has been hearing a lot of rumors about a full-screen phone in the works to be released next year, they will work their ass off to beat the tech giant to the market just so they have the bragging right as the first to release a full-screen bezel less phone.