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Huawei Mate 9 User Manual Leaked, Reveals Some More Details

by Jed John 4

Huawei has unveiled its latest Kirin 960 chips and what is left now is the release of the first smartphone that would be fired up by the Kirin 960 processor, that is the Mate 9. Actually, recent rumors with some degree of credibility have hinted at the existence of two versions of the Huawei Mate 9 dubbed Mate 9 and Mate 9 Pro.

huawei mate 9 pro

The Huawei Mate 9 Pro is said to have the same 5.9-inch display at the Mate 9 but with a dual curved edge screen and would have the same 2K display resolution as the Mate 9. Both Huawei smartphones are equipped with dual rear cameras that are Leica certified, left an right symmetrical laser focus an up to 4x optical zoom support. The Mate 9 Pro is said to come as the highest price Huawei phone till date, and the price has also been leaked to be up to $1300 or about 8800 Yuan, perhaps for the topmost version.

huawei mate 9

Recently, some more details of the Mate 9 have surfaced on Weibo, extracted from what is likely the instruction or user manual for the device. According to the details, the Mate 9 would feature dual SIM card / dual standby with one of the SIM slots functioning also as a microSD slot. There is also rear fingerprint sensor on the device as on the Mate 9 Pro. Dual Leica cameras with color temperature flash, laser focus module and also an infrared sensor is listed on the manual, among other details.


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  • I`m sorry, but if it’s 1300$ Huawei are really out of their mind, top price should be what Iphone 7S and Pixel are asking(+-50$)

    • G’n’T

      The thing is they will ask this price in China and get droves of people paying it..

    • Zami

      This is probably the highest version will cost , which is probably China exclusive and in China Huawei has great reputation better than others.
      There will be other version of the pro I think which will be much cheaper and available globally.

  • Rolland

    The pro is a beautiful looking phone but it’s way over priced .I am flabbergasted by the exhorbitant prices Huawei want to charge for this phone .$1300 no way no chance would I pay that for a Huawei phone or any Chinese phone ..would have to be way below $’s a Chinese phone not Apple or Samsung not even Samsung s7 is worth that price,if that’s the case will go with xiaomi mi mix that’s a hot looking phone sub 1000. Aus dollars.