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Meizu Teases Meizu X: Unknown Device

by Habeeb Onawole 8

Meizu has a couple of new devices coming soon. There is the Meizu M5 set for an October 31 launch and the Pro 6s whose release date is still unknown. However, earlier today the company teased the release of a new product with a poster on Weibo.

Meizu X meizu-x-2

The image which has X written across a monochrome background with a tagline that translates to ”unknown” leaves us with an unknown number of guesses as this can as well be anything.

Meizu X

Some people think the Meizu X is a new pair of headphones, others think it is Meizu’s first foray into VR glasses. I think the Meizu X is probably their new set-top box which received its 3C certification recently and will launch with Meizu’s Flyme for TV OS.

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Sources say the new product may launch on October 31 alongside the M5. But until we get more details, we will only keep speculating.

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  • Raky_b

    as long as it’s not yet a nother MTK phone, it’s wellocomed.

  • Saku

    Mhmm, another P10 or P20 chipset phone I suppose.

    • Assefa Hanson

      ANOTHER p10 device from meizu !!!???

  • goodwill

    I hope it’ll at least be a p25 or p20

  • Muhammad Yasir

    cheap shit

    • Not just that. It’s usually cheap shit with an expensive price listing. :p

      • Muhammad Yasir

        hahaa !

  • It would be great if this is a new line of Meizu phones(high-end)as they desperately need some fresh air.