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What Happens When You Drop Your Xiaomi Mi Mix?

by Habeeb Onawole 9

That feeling you have when you buy a new phone is difficult to describe. You like the way it’s built and the way it feels in your hands, so you wonder why you should invest in a protective case to cover up such a beauty until it slips from your grip, and since you don’t have quick reflexes, your phone rushes to hug the ground and you hear a crack. Your phone’s screen is broken and that pain is difficult to describe as well. Then you wish you had bought a bumper case.

Now imagine if you own a phone like the Xiaomi Mi Mix whose display reaches the edges and can’t be protected by a bumper case. What happens when you accidentally drop it? Someone has it all figured out and it is not a pretty sight at all.

Mi Mix

The Xiaomi Mi Mix is yet to go on sale but at the company’s headquarters, someone accidentally dropped the phone and he did not only end up with a broken screen but he also cracked the ceramic frame. Now for a phone like that, the only place you will be able to fix it will be at an authorised store and trust me, it isn’t going to be cheap unless you purchase an accidental damage insurance while buying the phone which will cost you an additional 249 Yuan ($37).

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Xiaomi has earlier said that it is having difficulties with manufacturing the ceramic frame. So repairing a broken one isn’t going to be easy either and might take a while.

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  • Assefa Hanson

    this is a good thing, like with almost all new implementations new inventions there is new problems whats nice is that there is room to further develope the technolgy A.K.A. problem solving similarly how they made curved screens with flexible materials to make them stronger than the first gen ones

  • goodwill

    This is why i keep saying having these kinda screen is nice but not durable. a drop from any of the 3 angle will hit the screen for sure. That’s why I always prefer some bazel now, Until they find a more solid material to manufacture phones with at least.

  • divis200

    Any phone can break if you drop it.

    • Pranav

      It depends on factors like height of fall, weight of the device, position while hitting the ground, but ofcource mi max will damage itself very easily

  • MaxPower

    This phone is a beauty but I’m a mess and phones don’t last me a whole year anymore. This one would probably last me one month.

    I prefer some bezels to protect the phone, like a bumper. I would go with plastic or maybe some rubber material that absorbs the blow elastically.

    I like the idea of getting rid of the header though, and if you can stick the camera under the glass maybe there’s a chance of getting rid of the bottom chin as well.

  • BoardDWorld

    This photo was taken at a Mi Store, you can see the display bench and the Mi Store carry bag.

    I expect it to be somewhat fragile but in this photo above you can see all 200g has gone straight flat onto that corner which would damage any phone quite badly, just unlucky, possibly deliberate.

  • PietroSoft

    It hurts to see one of the most interesting phones in the world damaged like that.

  • Wolvie

    Then definitely this Mi Mix is not for me as i always drop my smartphones although so far no fatality yet.

  • eliHd452

    This os a good thing for xiaomi. If you drop the phone you need to get a new one which means your money goes to xiaomi! 👌👌