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Xiaomi Redmi 4(th) of November Launch

by Habeeb Onawole 17

The wait has been long but I don’t want to believe that the only reason Xiaomi delayed the launch of the Redmi 4 was just  so it could coincide with the 4th of November.

Xiaomi has announced on Weibo that the successor to the Redmi 3 and it’s several siblings will be unveiled on the 4th of November, two months after an August 25 release rumour.


The Redmi 4 is expected to sport the same 5” screen size that distinguishes it from the Note series but this time it is said to be getting a Full HD resolution which means it will have a higher pixel density than all the other Redmi phones the company has released.

The phone will also get 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage as default. A Snapdragon 625 SoC will handle processing and the cameras will remain at 13MP and 5MP for the rear and front, however we can’t tell if they will be entirely different sensors or the same as the Redmi 3. The fingerprint scanner will also remain at the back.

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Xiaomi’s Redmi 4 will launch with Android 6.0 Marshmallow with a MIUI 8 overlay but it will be interesting to know the android security patch level it comes with. The Redmi 4 is expected to be priced at 699 Yuan ($103), if this turns out to be true, Xiaomi already has a winner here.

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  • lstar4real

    Wow great news…if its true then am going for this Redmi 4… have been waiting for 652 soc from Xiaomi since when God knows.. This is the phone for me….but don’t know about Yasir ?

    Where are you,

    • Luciano

      It is not SD SOC 652 but 625 instead!

      • lstar4real

        Jeez my bad…I didnt pay attention to the whole number….I will have to wait for another months…… #disappointed thanks anyway

        • goodwill

          If you had read, you’ll find out Xiaomi already has a phone with a SD 652. It’s called Mi Max Prime..

          • lstar4real

            yes you are right but 6.44inches Too big…. am looking at that same soc on 5 To 5.5inches phone from xiaomi

          • Beloved Chairman Lei Jun

            Just get Redmi Note 4 or Redmi Pro instead. Helio X20 is good enough dear also redmi 4 will ahve enough performance for most

      • Actually I prefer to have SD625, it’s not an inferior chip, as it offers much better efficiency and will run all games just fine.

        • Luciano

          Yeah me too but the only problem with Xiaomi is that I will have to wait for months before to see a Redmi 4 with black front. Hope this time they will be more intelligent by releasing the phone with black front. If it is not the case, I will pay more money in order to get the Nubia Z11 Mini S.

          • Jh1

            Hi, Luciano. I hope they release this with black front right away as well. Really hoping that they keep the 4000mah battery of the previous generation too. Would be great if camera performance is respectable. Obviously not expecting anything spectacular at this price point, but hopefully above average. Looking interesting. Hoping for more details on the meri/5c soon too. I’ve never been interested in the zuk z2 previously, but with the way it keeps dropping in price it is making its way onto my list. Same with the Mi5 now down to $240.

          • Luciano

            Hi Jh1, do not worry they will keep the 4000mah battery or they will lose many customers worldwide. Even if the Redmi 4 is a budget phone, it will be equipped with a pretty decent camera. I hope that Xiaomi will use a camera sensor pretty close to the one used for the Xiaomi MI4C.

            I really doubt that the Redmi 4 with black front will be available through resellers just after the announcement of the device. Look at the MI5S and MI5 Plus, since the phones have been released it is impossible to find the versions with black front and the back in grey color. I remember that some buyers waited for a couple of months in order to get the black version of the MI4. I honestly hate phones with white front!!! Ibuygou are smart cos they are selling a tempered glass with the top and bottom in black color especially for the MI5S.

            Regarding the Zuk Z2, I won’t get it even if the price is really tempting. The phone has many software issues according to some users.

            Geekbuying is selling the Redmi Note 3 Pro Special Edition tomorrow at $149. I am really tempted to get one.

          • Jh1

            The note 3 pro is still an excellent choice in my opinion. I have definitely noticed the difficulty in finding newer xiaomi models with a black front. It is also frustrating that the gold versions tend to be less expensive than silver or gray. I’m hoping they remedy that with the redmi 4. Not holding my breath though. If they achieve camera performance similar to the mi4c, I will be very satisfied. As far as the battery goes, my only concern is that the may save a few dollars by using a smaller battery since the SD 625 is so efficient. Even if they did, it wouldn’t be the end of the world, but I’m greedy and want the SD 625 and the huge battery…. Thinking 10 hours of SOT without much difficulty.

          • Z11 Mini S will also have a better camera and video quality, so you pay more and you get more.

          • Luciano

            That’s true, however I am still waiting for a proper review of the Z11 Mini S to check its camera quality, battery life and software. That being said, I am checking aliexpress everyday to find a good shop, actually nobody has it in stock the phone is on presell. I could get it around 220€ but like other users would argue for that price I could get the base model of the MI5 which is a lot better. Maybe we will see in coming days a really nice offer for the MI5 with 64GB storage at 220€. Who knows? I mean by getting a MI5 I will have a better community, pretty good camera and a faster CPU.

  • PietroSoft

    Wow, Snap 625 with that specs and that price, amazing.

  • xKajzer

    What about redmi note 4 SD 🙁

  • Heinz Dundersztyc

    To be honest I’m pretty sure, that normal version will not have 3 GB Ram & 32GB ROM. It would be awesome, but I don’t belive it…
    Also I’m dissapointed, because it won’t get Nougat :/ It will get MIUI version updates, but probably not android version update, from 6 to 7.
    But I really like that Snap 625 – 14 nm. I’m not sure, that increasing resolution to Full HD was good, but… Well – in phone for ~ 150 $? Why not.
    So – redmi 4 pro probably will get 3 GB Ram & 32 GB ROM, but what will get redmi 4S? :> Hmmm…

  • Simion Florin

    Snapdragon 625 is amazing for battery consumption. The real question is, will they keep that 4000 mAh battery?