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Elephone ELE Whisper Noise Cancelling Hi-Fi Headphones Review

by Linus 18

We better know Elephone as a smartphone manufacturer but the company seeks to expand its product portfolio by producing other devices too. I have been using the Elephone ELE Whisper earphones for a few weeks already. They are meant to deliver noise cancelling and Hi-Fi sound qualities on a budget (the current price is around $48). Learn more if it is truly the case in our full review.


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This pair of earphones comes in quite a fancy-looking packaging. Inside of it, you can find some extra ear tips and the USB cable.



The earphones are made of plastic to keep the weight as low as possible. At the first glance, the shape looks kind of interesting but once you put the earbuds to your ears, they are very comfortable to wear. Make sure to choose the right ear tips to get a perfect seal.


We have a multi-functional button along with the mic. The call quality is pretty good as I didn’t have many complaints from the people I spoke on the phone.


The headset jack is covered in the aluminium shell. Some people prefer the L-shaped but I have always preferred the I-shaped ones.


One of the disadvantages is a regular rubber cable. It gets tangled up quite easily. Other than that, it is of a high quality.



The key selling point of this headset is its noise cancelling and Hi-Fi capabilities.


You can turn on the noise cancelling feature by simply pressing the on/off switch. It is said that the built 24mAh battery would allow you to listen to music using the noise cancelling for 25 hours. I got pretty similar results.

I have to say that I was fairly impressed by the noise reduction features considering the price of this headset. You can definitely hear the difference once turn and off this feature.


In terms of the sound quality, I do not consider myself as an audiophile but I have to say that I am very pleased with how these earphones sound. Although I would not go that far claiming that this headset reaches Hi-Fi quality and the sound is not as good as e.g. Sennheiser offerings but Elephone ELE Whisper delivers quite balanced and rich sound. If we compare this headset to some cheaper options (e.g. Xiaomi Pistons), you can definitely hear more pronounced highs and mids, and a better overall clarity.



Elephone ELE Whisper aims to deliver quite a lot for a low price (the current price is around $48) and it succeeds in quite a few ways. The earphones offer great sound quality for its class, they are comfortable to wear and last but not least, noise cancelling technology works quite well.


However, the earbuds are made of plastic. Aluminium housing would have added a lot more premium look and feel. Lastly, there should have been a tangle-free cable instead of a regular one.

Other than that, Elephone ELE Whisper are pretty good earphones and they offer quite a bit of value given the current price tag, despite a few shortcomings.

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  • “The earphones are made of plastic to keep the weight as low as possible.” Hehe i think its to keep the cost low.

    • BS

      they’re expensive enough…. hahaha

  • Ionut Johnny

    Xiaomi headphones are much better and alot cheaper.

  • Rajesh

    Their website describes them as noise isolation headphones whereas you are terming them as noise cancellation headphones. I hope you know the difference. I’m skeptical because they do not seem to have the means to pick up outside noise to reproduce the same 180 degrees out of phase to effectively cancel them. I have Bose QC20 headphones and they do a fairly good job of this but cost a lot more. 250 USD to be precise. 🙂


    Finally they have reduced the price but this time it’s bit shocking cause now it’s available at ½ of its original price.

  • BTN

    I dont get this company, make crappy cheap phones and makes ultra high cost accessories….

    • NextHype

      That’s quite simple, in fact… they begin selling their accessories at random high prices to create the illusion of quality. 1 month later, prices drop by 50% and ppl think it’s a bargain.

      earphones : $100 when released, $50 now
      powerbank : $50 when released, $20 now

      • Rocky Raja

        Indeed 😂😂

  • Midori Chen

    As per the reviews on YouTube, this would be a great deal in this price.

  • techi

    Now it’s 50% less? O.o
    For the promotion purpose of MGCOOL? or what?
    Is it going to be the fixed price??

  • Rocky Raja

    1 month ago, the price was around $100 and now even less than $50. What happened to Elephone??

  • Flavio

    The price is cheaper than before and for the quality they offer it’s a really good thing

  • Giuseppe

    I think that they could use other materials instead of the plastic, but it’s better for us.
    $48 will be the launch price?

  • Cristian Cacciatore

    I can’t wait to buy this earphones, they seems amazing and I really like the noise cancelling feature, it’s very important for me

  • BS

    great quality but why they don’t include earphones in box?

    • Carlos.jr

      l need that too bro

  • BS

    better plastic, Metal damages ears

  • Carlos.jr

    isolation is better because ACN drains battery faster and give a lonley feel when l listen music