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Some smartphone brands will disappear soon, says Huawei

One of the higher officials from the China’s one of the biggest companies Huawei said that soon many of the smartphone companies are going...
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EMUI 3.0 to be available for download on September 30

At the IFA Conference in Berlin, Huawei not only launched its newest big-screen flagship phone, the Mate 7, but also its newest OS, the...
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Huawei Ascend G7 initial info

Though Ascend Mate 7 stands out tall at IFA 2014 by Huawei, the company also announced  mid echelon  contender for HTC Desire 820, i.e....
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Huawei Mate 7 announced officially

Huawei at IFA and has just unveiled its latest flagship, the Ascend Mate 7. The latest addition  to Mate family is officially announced. Here’s...
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New photo of Huawei Mate 7 shows that its frame is not as narrow as we thought

From the photo leaked yesterday, the Huawei Mate 7 looks like it sports a very narrow frame, probably narrower than the MX4’s. This could...
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Snapshots of the Huawei Mate 7 revealed, has very thin frame and big screen

Today, posted two snapshots of Huawei’s newest flagship device, the Huawei Mate 7. As the photos show, the Mate 7 sports a design...
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Huawei’s New Flagship Ascend Mate 7 Leaked: Even Thinner Than MX4

Two pictures of Huawei Ascend Mate 7 which is supposed to be released on September 14th at IFA2014 were leaked today. From the pictures...
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Huawei will launch Ascend P7 of sapphire glass version

It still can not be sure that sapphire glass screen will be used for iPhone 6. However, Huawei will launch the P7 smartphone of  sapphire...
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New functions of Huawei flagship: fingerprint identification + octa Core chip

Just like the other cell phone manufacturers, Huawei also will hold the conferences before IFA, the time is September 4th. And at present, Huawei...
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Reasons why new flagship of Huawei calls Mate 7?

Yu Cheng Dong (Huawei’s CEO) explained why the new flagship of Huawei calls Mate 7. It can be confirmed that Huawei will take the press...