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NEO N003 Android smartphone bring 2GB of RAM and 32GB of ROM

Today, there is a lot’s of interesting smartphone out there, the price ranging equal with specs and screen size, while for domestic smartphone manufacturer,...
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Review of NEO N003 Android smartphone

This year, smartphone manufacturer is built the new products with high-speed with multi-core processor, while the screen size is increasing dramatically, that’s why there...
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NEO N003 High version will be sports with 2GB of RAM and Android 4.2 system

The rumor about NEO N003 smartphone has been spreading on the Internet but, on that time, the information is very limited and now we...
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Neo T001, the Galaxy S III Mini knock-off with Dual Core chipset

Neo T001 is the one of Android smartphone come from domestic manufacturer. Thisphone also has an attractive design, which looks similar to the Galaxy...
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NEO N003, cheap Android smartphone with 5.3 inch, Quad Core chipset and 13 MPx camera

One of Chinese smartphone manufacturer has unveiled today, thats Neo N003. However, this phone is not only cheap, but also gives the specification that...