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Philips l928 eight-core Android phone heading to Chinese market

Philips is now ready to release their new eight-core Android smartphone to Chinese market, the phone is Philisp l928. The upcoming Philips l928 has...
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Philips Xenium W9588 flip phone heading to Chinese market

Philisp W8568
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Philips W8568, yet another flip Android phone for Chinese market

Philips has alaready release the Philips W9588 Android smartphone for Chinese market, is now they ready to release another variant through Philips W8568 Android...
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Philips Xenium W8510 offers 35 days standby time and 18 hour talk time

Most smartphoe has only limited battery life thats why many mobile phone manufacturers that offer their latest products with a quality battery that can...
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Philips W732 Android phone with MediaTek MT6575, ready to hit Chinesse market

Philips, the Dutch manufacturer of electronic is better known as a maker of household appliances rather than mobile phone manufacturers before, since Philips make...