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Review / by Linus -

Onda V919 Review — Dua-boot 3g Tablet

Onda may not be a manufacturer that comes to your mind when think of tablets, but this time around the company has something interesting to offer. That is a V919 tablet….

News / by Shine Wong -

Axgio Opened Store on Amazon

China-based Cellphone maker Axgio has opened an official store named Axgio US on Amazon.com, the world’s biggest online shopping platform, in an effort to better serve customers in the US….

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Android OS is safer for children than iOS?

There are several considerations for parents before providing any mobile devices that are suitable for children. The safety factor is one of them. Did you know that the Android operating…

News / by Rosgani -

Cutepad Q5, the 5-inch tablet with 3G

If you’re need more covenient device rather than tiny smartphone but didn’t want to bring a bulky device so you can bring Cutepad Q5, this tablet device packs with 3G…