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Xiaomi 4.23 event will also launch a Magic Trackpad

Xiaomi has already spread their invitation, and there is a poster that show the number 4.23, that’s mean the event will be held on...
Xaomi Pad-02
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Xiaomi tablet is expposure, similar with iPad Mini?

Xiaomi is ready to preparing their new launching event on April 23rd, while most of us is waiting and prediction about the upcoming Xiaomi...
Xiaomi launch April23
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Xiaomi is ready to release their new smartphone on April 23rd

After we have covered the officiall name for upcoming Xiaomi flaghsip smartphone, the new phoe that called as Xiaomi Mi3S is ready to heading...
Xiaomi Mi3S
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Xiaomi officially announced the upcoming smartphone will be determine as Xiaomi Mi3S

Xiaomi is ready to release their new flagship smartphone, the phone has been spread as the rumors for a few months ago, and the...
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Hugo Barra: Xiaomi smartphone will hit Asian market

Xiaomi is one of the Chinese smartphone manufactuarer that already hit to global market, after they reelase the Xiaomi RedMi smartphone at Singapore and...
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Xiaomi Huge Ambition: To Build Smart Home System

Xiaomi is a company only just has 4 years history, but now, it is very famous like Apple in China. This company spend about...
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Xiaomi RedMi Note Review

Xiaomi has already reelase the new Xiaomi RedMi Note smartphone, actually this is the phablet phone sine this device is packs with 5,5 inch...
Xiaomi Mi3S andXiaomi Pad
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Xiaomi 3S and Xiaomi tablet confirm to uses metal body material

Xiaomi is becoming the most wanted products, especially when they has release the RedMi lineup for global market. And now we have heard the...
xiaomi 3s
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Xiaomi 3S Will Be Thinner And Support 4G LTE

The next generation Xiaomi phone will come soon, but when? Maybe the end of April, or beginning of May. As former report, the new...
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Xiaomi MiPad tablet will release on April 8th

While for now, there are many rumor about the Xiaomi MiPadtablet device, and now the new rumor is coming up again. According the new...