Xiaomi M2 Will Power Quad Core Processor

by Shine Wong 0

Xiaomi is a new smartphone company, but it creat amiracle in China in past year. It only cost a few months that Xiaomi become a famous phone brand. Xiaomi phone and MIUI are the favorite brand of  young people and students, because the high cost-effective.

Xiaomi is a successor, but the sales mode bring more company access smartphone field. They must release more powerful phone to keep the leading position. All buyer expect Xiaomi’s new generation phone, maybe named Xiaomi M2. And now, some news leaked, rumor that Xiaomi M2 will power the quad-core Qualcomm QPQ8064 processor, 2GB DDR3 RAM, and unbelieveable RMB1999 price. (About  $317). As former rumor, the new phone will built dual operating system: both Android and Windows.