During this year Lenovo expects 20 million smartphone sold

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As the one of Chinese electronic manufacturer, Lenovo to seek a breakthrough to cope with the downward trend of the global PC shipments.

Third-party market research firm Sanofi data report shows that in June of this year, Lenovo Mobile beyond the 11% market share of Nokia to become the second largest mobile phone maker in the Chinese market, Samsung’s market share of 15.73 percent ranked first. Lenovo smartphone, Lenovo share reached 13.1 percent, still the second highest, while the association last year, the data is only 0.72%.

The Lenovo force behind the mobile phone is the decline in global PC shipments. Is based on this judgment, Lenovo earlier you start the PC + strategy, and smart phones will become the PC + is the most important one of the terminal.

Lenovo Mobile Internet and the digital home, business group president, said Liu Jun, Lenovo this year is expected to reach 20 million mobile phone shipments, intelligent machines accounted for more than 70%.

Aimed at Samsung
An association insiders, Lenovo targeting the domestic mobile phone competitors Samsung. Lenovo’s internal estimates, Samsung’s domestic market share in the third quarter of this year or will decline by 2 percentage points, flat and Lenovo.

Can also be seen from a strategic association based on Samsung launched targeted layout.

Said Liu Jun, Lenovo will be taken to the strategy of large-screen, multi-product matrix, with the help of PC channels and supply chain to quickly enter the market, In addition, the relationship between operators, the association compared to other competitors also have more competitive.

And functional machine, smart phone is the test end-to-end integration capabilities. With the PC supply chain resources, it seems that PC makers transformation of the core strengths of the mobile phone manufacturing. Liu believes that the smart phone system and process system has been an increasing convergence in the PC, its structure is still “PC + Operating System”, in line with Moore’s Law, the technical development of the law.

In addition, in the development process, smart phones more and more like PC. Lenovo’s PC manufacturing resources and experience can be a good horizon moved to the mobile phone the mobile space.

Ai Media CEO Zhang Yi, Samsung is the advantage on the basis of the supply chain to achieve rapid market response and successful; Lenovo through its control of the process on the PC side experience, so the turnover efficiency of the supply chain.

In addition, the association of operators advantages in resources, but also makes the Lenovo mobile phone to quickly enter the market. A data display, Lenovo Mobile in custom machine Unicom and China Mobile ranked first among the top bit in the telecommunication custom machine. At present, the number of the Lenovo operators custom accounts for more than 50% of the total shipments.

However, in the product strategy, Lenovo is consistent with Samsung’s play were hit the big screen + multi-product matrix “strategy, we understand that Lenovo has the deployment of the balance of 30 smart phones and mobile phone screens are 4-5 inches between. But in terms of price, Lenovo has a large advantage.

PC + strategy
Some analysts believe that Lenovo has begun to learn through the overall advantage to the launch of its individual products under the PC + strategy. Lenovo Mobile is just a Legend “screen Plan. In addition to mobile phones, PC + also includes TV, flat panel, PC. Lenovo’s product line is the more abundant, the stronger the brand, supply chain, channel synergy will become increasingly prominent. This is different from Apple, Samsung’s third mode.

Lenovo deploy Lenovo transformation of the retail brand stores need to meet future retail channels of the PC + strategy.

These adjustments to the direction of Lenovo PC stores will be transformed into a small 3C stores, the original retail stores will no longer sell only Lenovo branded PC products and sales, including mobile phones, televisions, flat panel PC +. Upon request, the end of this year, the national association of hundreds of retail stores will be modified.

In addition, with the PC + product synergies, Lenovo Mobile will also be going overseas. Said Liu Jun, Lenovo Mobile will leverage the association of the original channels to the “first emerging, after mature market strategy. Lenovo Mobile this year in Russia, India, Vietnam and Indonesia have layout.

However, Chang believes that Lenovo Mobile is able to achieve sustained results also reflected in the coordination of force and execution, the entire PC industry, HP, Dell has played the phone thinking, but to no avail. In addition, the ecological chain, built around the mobile terminal is also a test of association.