Lenovo Released 7-inch Tablet Only $99

by Shine Wong 0

Lenovo is leader of computer manufacturer in China, also at top place even in the world. Their Lephone and Lepad gain huge seccess in China, and now, they have to face the new compititor, Google Nexus 7, the high cost-effective 7 inch tablet, although it has not launched in China. Now, Lenovo released a lower price 7 inch tablet to stop his competitor’s step. The new device model named Lenovo T01,¬†featured a 1.2GHz cortex A8 processor,¬† 7-inch screen with 800*480 pixel display, a 1.3MP facing camera, 1GB RAM and 8GB storage.

The Lenovo T01 is enough cheap, only $99, I think, Google will have not mind to access China market when the Lenovo tablet with so cheap price. Here is the video from Android-Sale, a special online store sell all cheap China phones and tablets.