Lenovo’s Chief Marketing Officer: China not yet a truly international brand

by Rosgani 0

Online edition reported that, according to Forbes, Lenovo senior vice president and chief marketing officer, David Roman, although there is no truly international brand, but with the advantages of the company in the local market, as well as network owners “The rise of Chinese brands will quickly shorten the gap between business success and brand development, emerging market and promote faster emergence of international brands. The following is the text of the article:

How to create a truly international brand? Why the top brands in the West can not afford to be complacent?

Last month, the market research firm Millward Brown Optimor announced the BrandZ global top 100 most valuable brands “list, which concern, 13 Chinese enterprises to list in this list. Of course, if only to judge these Chinese brands are “international brand” and too arbitrary. This list of Chinese brand is very large scale, and have achieved great success, but the business of these brands are still concentrated in the Chinese domestic market, they have not yet recognized by consumers in the rest, most consumers and even the world do not know the brand, these brands is not a truly international brand.

I think that if a brand is known as the “international brand”, then it has at least one be able to sell their products worldwide company. In fact, although many Chinese and emerging market companies in the business has achieved great success, but these companies did not use their successful experience to explore overseas markets, in order to gain greater brand value. Therefore, when we judge a brand belongs to “international brand” or a “large brand” must be “business success, but the brand gap” phenomenon into account.

Lenovo is employed by a company, the fastest growing companies in the world’s second largest PC manufacturers, the industry’s growth. 25 years ago, Lenovo was established in China, even though we had one bought IBM’s PC business was known, but outside of China, the world’s most valuable brands and inconspicuous. With Lenovo and other Chinese companies like China Mobile, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Sina, although all the world-renowned enterprises can make a lot of money, employment, many employees, and can maintain a rapid development, but their brand in China’s domestic market. outside the very few people know.

Many emerging market companies has gone beyond the operational and technical aspects of the Western companies, so how to fight the international brands with international influence will become the future focus of development of these enterprises. Recently, there was an organization of Chinese business executives conducted a survey visit, the results show about 80 percent of respondents believed that globalization is a strategic opportunity, 50 percent of respondents said the company plans to develop into in 10 years multinational corporations.

From an historical perspective, an enterprise need to go through a long cycle to business success developed into a brand value. International brands in Western countries, in addition to the very few companies, these brands have gone through years of development cycle was laid today’s international status. Even Japan and South Korea’s top companies such as Sony, Samsung, also experienced a few decades be issued to become an international brand.

Some pessimists believe that the Chinese need to wait a few years, even decades, will it be possible emergence of a truly international brand. But I think there are two factors that will shorten the gap between business success and brand development of Chinese brands, and to promote the emerging markets at a faster speed the emergence of an international brand.

First, global economic development is increasingly dependent on the performance of the Asian and emerging market economies, which led to the international scope of the market continues to expand, in order to create opportunities for new entrants. At present, due to Western economic growth slowed down or decline, no single company can have the ability to explore the international market in the case of the lack of strong brand support, emerging markets, the brand does not exist in this concern. Brand in emerging markets with a high share in the local market, and in other fast growing emerging markets to adopt a flexible operating strategy, which will become a natural advantage for them to build an international brand.

Followed by “family network” formed by the youth market across borders and culture, their cultural background, communication and musical preferences are very similar. These human networks, the total number of over 1 billion, more than half of them from emerging markets.

“Family network” in driving the economy forward at the same time, the judgment of the brand experience and redefine. Them from the influence of the media, the media and advertising, on a number of topics like fish friends on the Internet, the experience to discuss and share.

If an enterprise wishes to the company’s brand of “family network” of consumer recognition, you must use the new form of publicity. Closely with the “family network” linked channels, including social networking, design, branded content, retail experience, activities and partners. Publicity through these channels, and provide genuine security, you can establish an emotional connection with the “family network”, and greatly shorten the cycle of the brand building. In addition, the cost of access to social networking is much lower than the media, media channels.

If a company can successfully integrate these factors, you will get very good returns. Network family and friends on the Internet for communication and discussion, and finally to the rapid spread of the corporate brand on a global scale. The traditional way to build brand, takes a lot of time and money; to build a brand in the future, simply combine the brand characteristics and promotional channels, new channels will allow the content to pass twice as fast. Emerging markets, companies generally set up a short time, but they are developing very fast, does not need to stick to the past, the rise of network owners to provide tremendous growth opportunities for these enterprises.

For now, although many enterprises in China and other emerging markets in the international community is not well-known, and the gap between business success and brand development, as well as the long period needed to build brand awareness, will make the West some of the top brands to produce a false sense of security.

Emerging market companies take full advantage of its strengths in the local market, while trying to find a method to attract the “family network” to improve its visibility in the international market in the shortest possible time. I think that the international top brands must pay close attention to the changing forms of competition in the coming years, there will be more and more is not yet well-known enterprises to develop into large enterprises, they may also be eventually transformed into a truly international brand .