Samsung Galaxy Note II will equipped with flexible AMOLED display

by Rosgani 0

After we hear few rumors about the next version of Galaxy Note, now we have a new news from IT Korean-based company, ehich tell about Samsung Galaxy Note II.

The rumor said about the Galaxy Note II will come to the market in the end of this month and will be equipped with 5.5-inch flexible AMOLED display.

The screen is “flexible” thats mean, this screen made from unbreakable material ehich consist of plastics substrate, which offered tougher and stronger screen. However, although the screen si flexible it’s doesn’t mean you can bend the screen completely. Those screen it can be bend slightly.

We don’t have much longer before we find out about the specs of the Galaxy Note II, however, provided Samsung does indeed reveal it at its event on August 29. We’ve been hearing some exciting things about the Galaxy Note II, so be sure to check out our story timeline below for more information on the current rumors. As always, keep an ear to Android Community, as we’ll have all the details about Samsung’s press event shortly after IFA 2012.