Tips to prevent malware on Android devices

by Rosgani 0

Along with the popularity of Android mobile phones, then the malware that attack these devices is also increasing, for that there are several steps to prevent your Android phone from malware attack.

Following are five quick tips to help you keep your Android handset free of malware.

  • Always research the publisher of the app. What other apps does it offer? Do any of them look a bit shady? If so, you should probably stay away.
  • Read online reviews. Android Market reviews may not always be truthful. Check around to see what reputable Websites are saying about the app before you hit the download button.
  • Always check app permissions. Whenever you download or update an app, you get a list of permissions for it. An alarm clock app, for instance, probably shouldn’t need to look through your contacts. The general rule of thumb: If an app is asking for more than what it needs to do its job, you should skip it.
  • Android MarketAvoid directly installing Android Package files (APKs). When Angry Birds first came to Android, you could get it only through a third party. This is called “sideloading,” or installing apps using an .APK file. Although Angry Birds wasn’t malware, in general it is highly advisable not to download and install .APK files that you randomly come across. Most of the time you won’t know what the file contains until you install it–and by then it’s too late.
  • Put a malware and antivirus scanner on your phone. Although many people still think that antivirus scanners on phones are useless, maybe outbreaks such as this one will change minds. Several different big-name security companies already offer mobile-security options, many of them free. I myself had downloaded “Spider Man,” which is on a bad-apps list. My Lookout software identified it as a Trojan horse.


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