After Samsung, is now HTC sue by Apple

by Rosgani 0

HTC plans to continue the war against Apple related to violations of Apple patent, though Samsung – which is also a manufacturer of Android handsets – recently suffered a defeat in court San Jose, California.

HTC chairwoman Cher Wang said that the company has no intention to stop the war with Apple. Affirmed, HTC is optimistic in the allegations of patent infringement from Apple.

HTC alwys confident while Samsung has defeat by Apple, because that’s not necessarily a result of Android itself. So that these Taiwanese manufacturers remain confident that they are not guilty.

“Innovation is a key element in fending off allegations of patent infringement from Apple,” said Wang, as quoted from source.

Although HTC has been shown, some industry observers believe Apple victory over Samsung could lead to a lucrative royalty stream for Apple than Android devices.

HTC has been successfully embarrass Apple before, after HTC beat Apple lawsuit at England court in London. At that time, the court did not violate four HTC technology that Apple claimed were thats technology is Apple’s patent, including the features of the unlocked the device by swiping fingers.