Compare Test: iPhone 5 vs Xiaomi MI2

by Rosgani 7

All we know about Apple iPhone 5 has been launched to the market, and one of gadget website based in CHina, PC Online has been publish the comparative test between Apple iPhone 5 vs Xiaomi MI2.

Apple iPhone 5 is becoming more popular since the first batch of shipment, while Apple bring new OS 6 on that iPhone 5, the hardware is very strong since has scratch proof and the screen equipped with Gorilla glass from Corning.

But, there is another smartphone and popular ebough for Chinese market, thats Xiaomi MI2 which has same design and form factor. Here is the specification table :

We also have a video to show both device which has been head-to-head test, between browser speed and camera from both devices, here are the video :

Xiaomi Mi2 VS iPhone 5 – Camera

Xiaomi Mi2 VS iPhone 5 – Browsing Website

Size and design:

As we can see on the picture below, iPhone 5 and Xiaomi MI2 smartphone is relative close, while the screen size is same and width of both phone is large enough and very comfortable to hold.

On the back, the iPhone is made from aluminum metal plus two parts of ceramic glass composition, while Xiaomi phone just used a polished texture. And the rear bottum of the body there are logo, it seems Xiaomi trying  to make the same aspect from iPhone to put logo there.

Camera, the position of both the design somewhat different iPhone 5 remains in the upper left corner, while Xiaomi put the camera on the middle at the top. Both have a single LED flash and has noise-canceling microphone feature.

In the area of the front of the upper face facing body, Xiaomi smartphone has light distance sensor is not easy to rub the sleep, the white version of the iPhone more obvious light-sensitive camera position revealed.

iPhone headphone jack to move from the top to the bottom the Ministry, Xiaomi phone or placed at the top, but the power button to move to the side from the top.

On the bottom position, the iPhone 5 has change the interface with mini dock connector  while Xiaomi still used generic Micro USB port, support the MHL,  USB OTG function.

Both with one hand gripped feel closer to the iPhone 5 is elongated screen 4S state, did not change the width, one-handed operation sensory changes may be due to the thinning of the screen The elongated form a complementary mechanism, one-handed operation is no problem.

Xiaomi phone more wide, and thickness than the iPhone 5 thick, the iPhone 5 is slightly difficult one-handed operation, but compared to the market, many large-screen phone, which has been very good control feel.

Screen Contrast:

As you can see on the picture above, the screen backlight is not much different, but how about the sharpness and color? you can see in the image below.

The screen remake proofs Xiaomi phone (left and right for the iPhone 5)
Xiaomi above and iPhone 5 in bottom

Xiaomi (left), and iPhone 5 (right)

Camera test:
iPhone 5 camera is still provided by Sony 8-megapixel back-illuminated camera, F/2.4 aperture, in conjunction with the A6 processor speed camera is very fast, basically reached the level of zero delay. Xiaomi MI2 samrtphone equipped with a second-generation back-illuminated camera, F/2.0 aperture, 27mm wide-angle, the same support zero shutter However, due to the delay of the animation, the speed camera than the iPhone 5 to be a little slower.

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