Hong Kong has the world’s fastest Internet access, with 49.2 Mbps

by Rosgani 1

A few years later, South Korea is known as the country with the world’s fastest internet access. And, in any case it is not changed. According to data from Akamai, South Korea has the highest average speeds in the world with access to reach 14.2 Mbps. The speed was increased by 2.9 percent over the previous year.

However, for top speed of Internet access, South Korea still lost with Hong Kong. Here, Internet users can obtain speeds of up to 49.2 Mbps. The Internet speed is higher than South Korea sits in second place with 46.9 Mbps.

Even so, it seems that South Korea next year will be the country with the average internet speed in the world. This is evident from the change from year to year. Top speed of 46.9 Mbps South Korea’s increased by 31 percent compared to last year. While Hong Kong only increased by 11 percent.

In addition, South Korea was again the number one country that has an average high broadband internet connection (> 10 Mbps) to the percentage reached 49 percent. With such statistics, South Korea is a good country for Internet users.

Meanwhile, Singapore is the only country in Southeast Asia included in the top 10 data from Akamai. Singapore sits in the eighth position as the country with an average Internet top speed of 28.3 Mbps.