Baidu search engine beat Google in China

by Rosgani 1

Google may just be the number one search engine in the world. But it is different if you are in China. In a country that has the largest population in the world, Google has become the search engine number four, unable to compete with the three local search engine.

This fact was revealed in the data presented by CNZZ. According to their data, Baidu became the number one search engine usage rate reached 72.97 percent. While Google was only able to get 4.72 percent of usage.

Two search engines are also better than Google’s popularity is owned owned by Qihoo and Sogou. sits in second place with a usage rate reached 9.64 percent. While Sogou in third place with a percentage of 7.83 percent.

As with Google, Microsoft’s Bing and Yahoo have a hard time appealing to Internet users in China. Bing was in sixth place with just 0:52 percent usage rate. While Yahoo is even more severe with 0.25 percent usage rate.

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