Brief History of Meizu company, from MP3 player to Smartphone

by Rosgani 0

While we are now known Meizu as a smartphone maker, we got a flashback to Meizu company to 10 years ago when Meizu established on march 2003. On that day, Meizu is the manufacturer which produce MP3/MP4 multimedia player.

Meizu walked along to the course of more than 10 years, their main product is MP3 portable music player which is M3 MusicCard, M6 MiniPlayer, M8 MiniOne, M9, MX and MX2 (smartphone). And now lets see to the Meizu chronicle products.

In march 2004, Meizu ME released. This time, Meizu is make the MP3 prevalent. It can be said that there is no success without ME Meizu today consumers is the Meizu ME awareness.

In March 2004, Meizu Mi has been availabel on the market. This is the first Meizu product based on fighting shape, is also a young woman to play the main products.

In September 2004, Meizu E2 listing

In January 2005, the fashion model Meizu X2 is unveiled. The Meizu X2 completely using the straight-line design, tough and masculine appearance for the male market, the shell is made of aluminum alloy surface after grinding and oxidation treatment, making the surface to form a layer of aluminum oxide layer is not only beautiful and resistant to wear but also has the corrosion resistance and other advantages.

In April 2005, The Meizu E5 listed. Originality joined the FM radio, with a variety of automatic wake-up clock function, these designs become very powerful and practical, but also by business people as well as the need to make E5 e-book and recording function. Super Long Play, with one of AA battery for up to 40 hours plaing MP3 song continously.

In April 2005, Meizu X6 listing. Meizu X6 positioning on the integration, slim, sophisticated fashion, ultra-compact design, molding a mold half full metal casing surrounds the outside of the fuselage, very particular about the use of metal materials, the surface is smooth, a unique delicate metal texture show a noble atmosphere.

In August 2005, the classic models E3 listed. Meizu E3 has the same copy of an important factor in the success of the ME – hit the top-chip brand: “the first top-level chip PHILIPSP NX0102’s top chip”

In November 2005, the fashion model X3 listing. Before Meizu E3 release, the country has the Unika, HACHA, OPPO fly core MP3 market, while the E3, though not the earliest, after the listing can be said that the most successful domestic flying core MP3 market hegemony.

In February 2006, the color screen models E3c has been listed. Seamless anodized metal design shell, the entire case in addition to the top and bottom of a single piece of seamless connectivity metal housing also see less screw, the overall design is more simple.

In May 2006, MiniPlayer listed. The product set of music, photos, video, FM, recording, games, eBook, U disk and other functions in one devices, and we called it as a multimedia devices.

In March 2007, Music Card Exchange. Unique design concept that first-line side “innovative design concept, with the super-slim design, making it simple and generous feeling overall appearance is unique and beautiful, and monographs quality performance more in line with modern fashion consumption characteristics.

In September 2007, slim models Meizu M6SL has been listed. This is the M6 upgraded version retains the the M6 classic design elements, compressed to the thickness of the ultra-thin with 7.3mm thickness.

In February 2009, Meizu M8 has been available on the market. Meizu M8 is a phone products. When Meizu M8 released, the company has never been involved in the mobile phone market, similar to this experience with Apple.

In January 2011, listed for Meizu M9 Android smartphone.

In January 2012, listed Meizu MX, the meizu MX smartphone is meaning of dream for. In April of the same year, the MX quad-core market.

Meizu’s new flagship phone MX2. The Meizu MX2 16GB version offers with 2499 yuan price, while the 32GB offer with 2999 yuan, abd the 64GB version offers for 3999 yuan, the listing is scheduled in mid-December, and in mainland China, Hong Kong, China, Russia simultaneous listing.