Meizu MX2 teardowns picture

by Rosgani 0

Meizu MX2 is now become the most talked Android smartphone, and much people is concern to this phone. As nature is indispensable to the special benefits of important models – we got a couple picture of Meizu MX2 teardown (dismantling).

Thanks to the simple design, since Meizu add a simple back cover to the MX2 machine, the back cover is very easy to open and you can open this back cover by your self without a problem.

When we open the back cover, we see the Meizu playfully Laser Marking endless variety of serial number and 3C signs, the dark golden accompanied by solid black bottom looks really very sexy and mysterious. (piture 03)

Of course, then looking back cover also no hard to “stripped off”, use the screwdriver to get started! (Picture 04)

First, we start from the lower body, unscrew the panel below to see a small plate, above the most garish of course that is affixed on the yellow transparent plastic USB interface.

Following later get that done, then we can take off shirt “unscrew fixed above version 9 screws (top middle sinking screw is hidden), we can see the general structure of the machine.

Say, the internal structure of MX2 to our first image is look like iPhone, please forgive us for such a vulgar metaphor, but here is absolutely no commendatory or derogatory meaning, can only say that is really very much similarity with the iPhone.

Next syncope, we get the battery to be removed in order to prevent electric shock.

From this figure, we can also see the MX2 a large area within the coverage of the black thermal layer. I think it is the thermal conductivity at the moment is certainly not as good as maintenance.

Also the battery before the split-off of many machine in the battery compartment, with double-sided adhesive. (Truth MX2 work is very compact, so the battery compartment looks really quite like the “warehouse”).

After removing the battery, we want to tke off the MX2 motherboard. Old steps, pulling cable and then tighten the screws, motherboard very easily to remove.

Motherboard is pull out and all the surface is covered, and this is very small motherboard but very nice design for PCB parts. While we foun the camera connector on it.

Second we remove the camera ready to dismantle the shield, it nevertheless found that the shield is welded on the PCB!

We have to carefullu to remove this part with the air soft remover tool.

After struggling to remove the shield, we can finally see the chip inside ~

Next, we take a look at that we are very concerned about the chipset.

Concluded it to the overall MX2 work is very paranoid.Whether it is a large area of black thermal layer or sealed the shield, these things have not appeared on many phones are able to see in the Meizu MX2, this very “generous” paranoid, I believe that consumers are still veryfavorite.

Both overall layout, or some small details seem to be intentionally or unintentionally, so we feel very close with the iPhone.

Well, the MX2 dismantling evaluation here. Believe that the MX2’s internal workmanship and materials used to make most people satisfied, and we read out from the dismantling of the MX2 Meizu “dream” – to make a good phone.